Prince Boateng Goal AC Milan VS Barcelona

But then the man came right offensive. Peng Boateng! Montolivo fired a free-kick into the box, Boateng comes to the ball takes off - inside (55th)! And not only because of the important hit Boateng is THE hero. He makes the front gate, behind defending against Messi. Here, the Argentine is otherwise the magician. In the league succeeded the superstar last until the 300th Results for Barca.

Milan vs Barcelona 2-0

It tingles, it cooks, it is exciting! 1-1 in Istanbul would certainly not the worst result for the "Royal Blues". Teemu Pukki is now in play for Huntelaar. Can the Finn underscore his goal threat? Asked his callousness long demonstrated has Milans Kevin-Prince Boateng. Milan leads against Barca. Is it enough to win?

Milan to Chelsea?

2 month promo for these 2 clubs, for this superndeshje and watched the first part not desirable! We hope for a super second part, as befits two clubs! Let's win the best!

Milani him break the Barcelona area

Not yet begun supersfida the Champions League between Milan and Barcelona have been complaints prior to this match. Barcelona team that prepared the terrain complained Milani. Jordi ROURE estimated that Milan could have done intentionally since it has had time enough to want to regulate the grass of the field after the game with Parmën. Even in today's training players have complained in Milan terrain. Spanish media have called the current terrain of Milan, as a field of potatoes. This is not the first time that Barcelona complains that disrupt opponents ground, in order to break their game with passes to the ground, which is difficult on a large scale.


The Russian town of Oymyakon deep in Siberia is confident about fighting off the challenge of the nearby town of Verkhoyansk for the title of the world's coldest inhabited place where temperatures routinely dip below minus 60 Celsius.

Pyroshow Arsenal vs. Bayern

While the U.S. series "Two and a Half Man" and "Big Bang Theory" on ProSieben switched Sky two commercials - and was 40 seconds each from the Bayern game at Arsenal. And the commercial break during "Big Bang Theory" it happened: Commentator Roland Evers welcomed the audience just as the 1:2 Lukas Podolski headed for London. What a coincidence! Two 40 seconds live football during the 90 minutes. And THEN JUST a goal is scored. Madness.