Michael Ballack shoots and hits a pigeon!!

During the warm up of the FA cup forth round game between Chelsea and Ipswich on 24/01/2009 I happen to be filming when ballack boots a ball that hits a pigeon that flew across the pitch, I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose, but maybe he did. :P The bird flew away and I guess it is ok, maybe just a headache.. Must be one strong bird. I know its not clear on the video that both birds flew off, but they did. 2 Pigeons fly across, it is the 2nd one that gets hit. If you are having problems seeing it try clicking the High Quality link under the video.

Golden Boy 2013

Tuttosport have revealed the nominees for this year’s European Golden Boy award. The annual trophy is given to the best player from the last year who is under the age of 21. Last year Mario Goetze of Borussia Dortmund won the award, and previous winners include Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli in 2010, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi in 2005, while Rafael van der Vaart won the inaugural award in 2003. This year talents such as Arsenal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Liverpool’s Jonjo Shelvey and Raheem Sterling, and AC Milan striker Stephan El Shaarawy go head-to-head for the prize.

Ronaldo to take a call, and smoking

Former best football in the world, the Brazilian Ronaldo has invited teammates 'joint' after the game. During game ekzibizionale, which was collected a large number of former and current players in which Brazilian Brazilian goalkeeper Marcos greeted football career, local television cameras have captured a very interesting detail in which the protagonist is Ronaldo. Cameras have caught Ronaldo turning Edmundus words "apartar umzinjo", which falls translation "Come breathe shepherd." This behavior Ronaldo has made great fanfare in the Brazilian media. Is not stated footballer.

Busquts in jersey from arab player

A player of the representative of Saudi Arabia yesterday punch goal in the match against Yemen.Celebrating his goal disclose his idol in football. Arab Footballer held in inner coat shirt with the image of Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets. His teammates saw what was showing it on T-shirts, noting that he discovered his idol picture. This player plays in Portugal's third league.

Schweinsteiger falls out of chair - FUNNY

and Philipp Lahm do NOTHING - funny video. Schweini falls out of chair in interview

Fc Barcelona talents fantastic goal

If you want to see a normal match petite 10-year-old will spikatim just some kids chasing the ball Barcelona is different, and actually serves this goal came as a result of the work of the team and it is anticipated that in 2020 these younger players to win the Champions League

Mourinho and Guardiola pair ?

Mourinho and Guardiola as never before, sensational video where they hug when they were both together to Barcelona, this video is making headlines in the internet and all people wonder why it may have been together these 2 sworn enemy ...

Pepe remains the same

Do you think that Pepe has changed? Fully focused on the protection and assistance of the team? Error. Reprezentuesi Portuguese which is often accused of causing more severe interventions have ever seen in football fields, has not changed the behavior but has only fancy it, 'hidden' actions. Surprisingly, Pepe escaped unpunished yellow card. He was caught by an opposing player hit, Largo, losing 2-1 from Vigo Celtiva within 1/8 finals in the Copa del Rey. Pepe remains the same.


The fate of the match Juventus-Kaljari Italian Cup, dated 12.12.12 decided by the number of 12 to 12 minutes of the second half, scoring 12 with fanelën black and white. Juventus remains in the quarterfinals of the competition, submitted to fate (bad and good together), but more Sebastian Xhovinkos, author of the decisive goal, nets 12-to fanelën Juventus, considered here the four goals scored in two seasons before bardhezinjtë (2008-2009 and 2009-2010). Chance is doing incredible lap in online social networks. Some say that the goal was scored in the 57th minute (12 second half), others argue that again 5 +7 = 12. Number 12, appeared from the outset of the meeting, but unfortunately for bardhezinjtë plugged damage Arturo Vidal. The midfielder left the field after the game he felt pain in the knee.

Lorik Cana in Tirana with girlfriends

Lorik Cana, known footballer throughout Albanian Albanian territories has presented his girlfriend with the new authorities in kryeqitetin Tiorane, photos are eklskluzive and you can see here.