Cana promotes Lazio: try to win all matches

Saturday Lorik Cana has been one of the best, quality and strength in the service of Petkovic. Very satisfied is displayed red and black captain speaking Italian media: "It has been very positive presentation of the team that played at a high pace, with a good technical quality and did not allow anything opponents. A victory in the game and character, had some time to not win the championship, but before that the team has not released any moment and if you need to win is important character. "

Amazing Goal Ronaldinho Gaúcho - Atlético-MG

Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho amazes everyone with his skills. Former best player in the world has scored 2 goal victory Athletico Mineiros against Arsenal Sarandi. One goal Dinhos remind us in a moment the Ronaldinho of yore when score spectacular goals. In the following video you can see Maestral Ropnaldinhos goal.

Mario Götze Peeing on the malaga's stadium

Mario Gotze think Dortmund exercises Malaga stadium has not everywhere camera. For this he take a chance to secretly urinated in the stadium. Interesting moment was captured by several cameras at the stadium where Gotze urinate sitting in Dortmund exercises. The video was published by the Spanish media who consider it as non-best German talent gesture.

Victor Valdes Fail !!! ( Matuidi Goal ) !!! PSG vs Barcelona

"With the way the game unfolded, we might have hoped for a better result. This however is still a good result for us, especially since we played on the trip home. " "At this stage of the competition, all the teams are very strong, so we expected a tough match. PSG has high quality players and they showed it, "Alves told UEFA.