Mario Balotelli wacks a reporter

As always njoher with scandals, this rare Mario Balotelli has appeared in a video after the match that just perfenduar, when a reporter was commenting on the game and the outcome of the match, Balotelli suddenly with a still his separate attacks reporter but understood it was ajokes that made it ... us follow video that for you have prepared.

Cristiano Ronaldo Amazing Skill vs. Pique

Subotic vs. Robben what makes ?

Subotic's unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after faded from seals. Something different from me: D Whether it's a lack of sportsmanship now you can argue about it, but I think you should have your emotions under control and no, I'm not a Bayern fan

Liverpool vs Newcastle 1-1 SUAREZ AMAZING GOAL

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is facing one of the most fruitful career editions. Suarez scored another goal for Liverpool since the second scorer in the league currently. Suarez scored one of the most beautiful goals in the Premier League this season, scoring a goal that many times can be seen only on the Play Station. Suarez received a long ball into the best way to pass later Krul goalkeeper to equalize the score.

New Girlfriend from a player

Unikkatil sister has issued an exclusive picture, it never appeared before the public and shows how beautiful eshte.Eshte associated with a player whose name is not disclosed.

"Timy" Shala vs. Attila Baran Boxring

Return Rescue Shale is confirmed and will be exactly the date March 28 to be brought into the gym "Karagaç" Peja his first duel in his native city, and at the same time the first professional duel that takes place in the capital of PlateauDukagjinit. "It is the first time that boksoj as a professional in my city, and is the organization's first professional boxing held in Peja.

Italian journalist offends Lorik Cane

Italian journalist Furio Focolari has made a fierce attack against Lazio midfielder, a Kosovan Lorik Cana, announces Friday "". Focolari called Cane inappropriate for the level of Serie A and said Lazio coach Vladimir Petkovic is mistaken that is taking into consideration the captain of the national team of Albania. "Lazio coach made ​​a serious mistake when he went 4-4-2 formation against Turin, putting players in the wrong position. In my opinion, should play Brocchi or Radu and do Cana. He should not play, "said Focolari, which did not leave without attacking the Igli Igli Tare transferred Cane. "If Cana plays in Serie A, can I do this. I have said many times that Tare is the best sports director in circulation, as did some extraordinary stroke in Merkato as Klose, Luliq, Hernanes Candreva. However, Cane has made a mistake. " Cana in the summer of 2011 was transferred to Lazio from Galatasaray team.

Kung-Fu Ibrahimovic Red Card

That it is important for Paris Saint-Germain, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but only when it is "quiet" in the field, illustrates the match against Saint-Etienne French league, which "saints" suddenly lost with the result 2:1. Key moment of the game came in the 70th minute when PSG was not a player on the field, as Ibrahimovic was extracted from the game with red cards, the cause of the brutal interference "kung-fu" in St goalkeeper. Etienne, Stephane Ruffier. Swede tried to grab the ball, but was slower than the goalkeeper, who can say that went pretty well out of this situation. Ibra after taking off from the field, was shown red card which surprised him. PSG later conceded the second goal, while 88-minute Parisians managed to score the only goal in this confrontation.

What is the 'website' where singers buy clicks

According phone number can be a company from Macedonia, the name 'Enigma', which has a 'website' on the internet and there are written the names of the singers as past clients, who buy clicks to their song and video. Even this page with this address shows the price list. Not yet known who runs this company. But, according to her, pay five thousand - five thousand views and maximum seen it a million clicks that cost one thousand euros. But who are the last singers Albanians who buy clicks, access the website and find them.

Xherdan Shaqiri -First 7 Goals For Bayern Munich

I like Shaqiri so much wrong with him everything he plays for Bayern ingeniously makes really good set pieces can be good templates prätzise shooting, dribbling, etc. Strong And who else thinks should even watch the video because there is stuff all the Notified so if you like drinne Liken Shaqiri

Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Cristiano Ronaldo

He's European Footballer of the Year, and also to vote for the best players in the world Cristiano Ronaldo is a big favorite. And rightly so, as Inter coach Jose Mourinho said. Nevertheless, his Portuguese compatriot is nowhere near the most complete players in the world. The coach of the Nerazzurri said on Italian television: "Ronaldo is a good player, but he is not the best world He deserved the Golden Ball this year, as his club won the Champions League and the Premier League, and he has. number of goals scored.