Messi and fan vs Sweeden

During the friendly match between Sweden and Argentina, a fan wearing Barcelona shirt with the number ten, has come on the field and he kissed Lionel Messi. Meeting held in Stockholm, Argentina won 3-2 result. photo

CristianoRonaldo Amazing Goal (Portugal vs Ecuador)

Portugal Natonal team could last no longer really convincing and also superstar Cristiano Ronaldo had to put last difficult days behind. Then she went to the team of Paulo Bento to test against Ecuador. In the end, the spectators saw a real spectacle - with the better output of Ecuador. The South Americans won 3-2 after an entertaining 90 minutes.

Sweden Goalkeeper AMAZING back volley save vs Argentina

Argentina has shown nice introduction to the Swedish representative which Latin Americans have overcome a score of 3-2. This match was very interesting from the start. Argentina passed away in the lead, when after a stroke Higuain, Lustig scored on his door to Argentina's lead after three minutes of play. Sweden responded quickly. Jonas Olsson conducted after assisting Kim Kallstrom for 1-1 and equalizer. However, Sergio Aguero moved back to Argentina advantage with a goal Maestral (19 '). Higuain closed the first half (23 ') with his goal for 3-1. In the second part of Sweden without Ibrahimovic tried to return, but all that Scandinavians made ​​at the meeting was also a goal for 3-2 was the final score

Thomas Muller goal agains France

Erion Bogdani super goal

The best of Ruud Gullit (VIDEO)

Here's what the betting has occupied a citizen

This is impossible, a multiplier so great to take a simple man believed not, this is a match where the mafia has set up trusted but look at the amount you won, amazing wow.


Published official trajleri sixth series of the movie "Fast and Furious", which has a music star role, Rita Ora. 1:47 minutes you will be able to see an image of Rita Hour in the film, which will be displayed during the month of May.

iPhone 5 + Coca-Cola = Awesomeness

t's not a drop test, it's not a hammer test, it's not a water damage test, it's a Coca Cola test on the new iPhone 5! Enjoy!