Disputes between Abate and Pandev

Ignazio Abate’s agent has told Zenit he is available “if they raise their offer, considering Milan are looking for cash to take Mario Balotelli.” It was known that the Russian side had made a proposal for the full-back, who is wanted by Coach Luciano Spalletti. “We thank Zenit and Spalletti for their interest, but the lad will remain in Italy with Milan,” agent Claudio Pasqualin told Personal Press. “If Zenit raise their offer, then maybe something will change, considering Milan are looking for cash to take Mario Balotelli.” It had already been reported that the Rossoneri were ready to sell Abate and Robinho in the January transfer window to raise funds for the Manchester City striker, but this is the first time it has been confirmed by an agent close to the club.

Euro 2020 in 13 states

It is now official Euro 2020 will conquer the old continent for the first time, UEFA proposes a spectacular format to develop games in 13 different countries. Decision taken by the Executive Committee, announces the highest European football by president Michel Platini, who confirmed the idea of ​​throwing a little while ago that Euro 2020 will not only be maintained in one place. 13 host countries will take part in the group stage and does not provide any bonus from UEFA even if eliminated missed event. The decision provides some strict rules for candidates who will take part in the race. 1-App will be distributed in 13 different packages in other words dop means in 13 different cities, while a single city will host both the semifinals and finals. 2 will accept a maximum of only a stadium for the states to be selected. 3-Each federation will be allowed to present to the two candidates, a group matches and a semi-final and final matches. Each federation has the right to include in these two packages a single stadium. 4 stadiums that will run for the group stage should have the capacity not less than 30 thousand places 1/16-ave stage not less than 50 thousand places in the quarterfinals over 60 thousand seats and plant semifinals and finals to accommodate over 70 thousand spectators. 5 All countries selected to host matches, will take part in matches paraeliminatore groups. Skuada a host country will play at least two games on its home if provides candidacy, but not guaranteed game development at home after the group stage. Will also take into account the fact that a team should not travel more than two hours by plane, and the teams will not be forced to accommodate in their countries during the event. Meanwhile, UEFA has published the deadline for submission of nominations to be submitted by March 28 of this year, and in April and May will be published offerings. A year later, in September 2014 will be published the names of the host cities.

Hazard broke the son of multi millionaire!

Have come to light details about the boy who became a "hit" in England after an incident with Chelsea star Eden Hazard. Welsh boy is the son of one of the richest people in Wales, multimilionerit Martin Morgan. Welshman businessman even a member of the board of Swnseas, influencing his son to be like "ballboy" to Swansea. Welsh boy is not recognized in society for good behavior was sometimes known for his posts rather sleek "Twitter".It was posted yesterday on his profile a broken bottle of champagne and a torn betting which has been lost.

Ronaldinho Tricks (VIDEO)

Pele Reid spin kick in world championship-Klitschko

Vitali Klitschko is one of the best boxers in history. But few who know that he began his career as a kick-boxer. His loss for a long time referred to as urban myth, but also Ukrainian itself rarely speaks to them. Today finally came to an end a story about his loss against Englishman Pele Reid. A remake from 1992 appeared on Youtube shows Reid with an attractive stroke nokautoi Klitschko. Vitali was world champion in the category of heavy WAKO version. As a kick-boxer had 34 wins, 22 by knockout. Suffered three losses by Reid, William Van Roosmalen and James Warring.