Bayern Munich enriches the Albanians

Supremacy of German teams in the Champions League has exalted fans of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, the finalists of this edition of the Champions Room. The festive atmosphere for the results obtained from the heart has led teams in the "seventh heaven" German supporters across the globe, who as never before in history will enjoy the final on 25 May, a thoroughly German in "Wembley". Are affected by this euphoria as the fans Albanian landscape reports, more numerous they Bavaria, who wish that finally the time has come to celebrate victory in the Champions League after recent success in 2001. Even in Tirana, triumphs and Borussias have exalted Bayern fans, who have recently begun to celebrate these successes in the streets and shops of the capital wearing uniforms make the cheer team. But this desire to resembling as much as the teams that do ultrasve marked fanaticism is reflected in consumer goods. Under what traders report Albanians, only over a period of 15 days recorded a record for the sale of sports products. From a study conducted in the capital markets learned that only the last two weeks have been selling shirts on average 20 days (especially Bayern), although they may be original brands, or even imitations. According to statistics, the average age of customers is about 15 to 17 years. But this trend is expected to increase even more in the following days, considering the fact that the two teams will face off in the final between them and, therefore, expected to have an influx of requests for other sports products and Borussia Bayern, because now two German clubs also have their own private bars where the atmosphere and the game is similar to that of the stadium. Italians, still favorites Albanian consumer always remains oriented primarily to Italian clubs, in terms of consumption of sports products. According to a market survey in Tirana, T-shirts are the most requested Italian teams Milan, Juventus and Inter. While after the Italian team, customer prefers materials Spanish sports clubs, where T-shirts of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are required more and more.

Marks, marks, grieves, kicks

An interesting case is the first in Argentine football. Boca Juniors soccer, Pable Ledesma made ​​all in one action. Ledesma shëoj goal which enjoyed so crazy but in vain after the goal was canceled and after the player realizes this referee shows a yellow card. Then he made a harsh intervention was expelled after which the red card.

Bayern forget Martinezin in Spain

An interesting moment was seen last night after the game between Barcelona and Bayern Munich. German had forgotten star team in Spain's Javi Martinez. When everyone left the bus, there was no lack of Javi Martinez which no one noticed. Martinez saw that the bus was gone and called a taxi and send them to the hotel.

Chelsea Stewards walk in front of a Basel corner kick

Chelsea had a little help to eliminate insurance Basel from the crowd. Security workers were taken care of in a case of a de-concentrated lojta Basel. When Marcelo Diaz wanted to execute a corner, security guards were placed on it to prevent the firing kornerin. To list one by one, they managed to make nervous Player of Basel.

Franck Ribery and a fan

Bayern beat Barcelona 3-0 - and celebrate after the game against the enthusiastic spectators in the stands. Only one fan is not happy with his seat: he stormed the playing field! We see Bavaria superstar Franck Ribéry (30) with his personal runabout cheers! Omitted the French fan with Bavaria winning team celebrating a party. Only the folders in the vast Nou Camp did not play quite as happy. They prey on the runabout and run him off.