Cristiano Ronaldo ( Red Card ) EPIC reaction

In continuation of the first, Atletico managed to score the winning goal by Brazilian defender Miranda in the 99th minute, while Cristiano Ronaldo took direct red card eight minutes before the end of the match, after hitting an opposing player from behind. This is also the first trophy of the team Atletico since viti1996, when they won last time a trophy in Spain. It is worth noting that Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has been excluded from the match in the 75th minute, after a reaction to his style to the presiding judge of this confrontation, Carlos Clos.

Brazilian journalist ripped picture of Mourinho

Thursday media conference was held on the eve of today's final of the King's Cup between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. At this conference there appeared Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, but emissary "Royal Club", Sergio Ramos. The development of the situation and the failure of the conference Mourinho has wrought so much a Brazilian journalist, before colleagues that has torn photograph of Mourinho and called idiot.

Top 5 David Beckham Goals

Englishman David Beckham during his career has not only excited fans of teams that have played it, but also those of the opposing teams. It's hard to be elected his goal better career, but we managed to find the best 5 fans have appreciated that. Beckham has announced today that the season finally retiring from active football.