Cakir threatened with death

Turkish Judge G├╝ney Cakir has received death threats before. In the judge's address anti-British, Manchester United fans have made ​​threats that he would kill him. Upon arrival in Turkey, Cakkir received phone calls, letters and messages with death threats. Even after having received such threats, the judge Swiss Urs Maier advised him to hide and not del loose because British fans are dangerous.

Mesut Ozil Amazing Backheel Pass Vs Manchester United Away

Sometimes meetings solve specific players. Such have been players like Van Basten, Ronaldo, Raul currently Messi, CR7, etc.. But remember one thing: to be able to score goals need Ass. Many times said Messi would not be the same without Iniestan Xavi also CR7 would not be the same without relying on a fantastic player like Mesut Ozil.

Manchester United: Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson on a collision course

Manchester. When he got out smiling on Tuesday the team coach of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney knew nothing of the humiliation that awaited him. In fact, hardly anyone was inaugurated: Sir Alex Ferguson had immediately prior to the upcoming game against Real Madrid is set only a few experienced players of his planned installation thereof. That Rooney was not going to speak for themselves. Rooney will go The striker, a superstar and symbol of his club for almost a decade, was sawed off in favor of a young, inexperienced attacker, an unreliable winger and a 39-year-old legend. So great was the surprise: Rooney's transfer to the bank is merely a continuation of the process that undermines the relationship between the English national team and veteran coach Sir Alex Ferguson for three years. A rupture is imminent. Ferguson wants to get rid of Rooney. The striker has no hurry, and go somewhere. Here the 27-year-old is at an advantage: Once the transfer window is closed during the summer, will break its value. Is he on 1 September is still under contract with Manchester, is on the penultimate year of his contract. Transfer with a free transfer in sight.


Weeks ago Chelsea fans in "Twitter" have asked a question that so much interest you, who they usually sit on the traveling team doctor Eva Carneiro. A British journalist revealed much of this dilemma. Beauty Portuguese while traveling to Romania to face with Steauan was near the player with some extravagant views i'a had confirmed to her sympathy. Midfielder Obi Mikel was fatlumi that has EVAs society in Romania. Comments of many jokes made ​​on Twitter when a British journalist and publish this video. Mikel is named as the conqueror of the heart of Eva Carneiros. John Terry on the plane reading the book on how to become a footballer called intellectual "Soccereconomics" while goalkeeper Turnbull read magazine showbizit.

UDG 1 - 0 CELAYA - Clausura 2013

While Bayern Munich fans celebrated the goal with scissors Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic in duel against Wolfsburgut the weekend, on the other side of the world was marked in a similar way, but even more beautiful. Footballer Eial Strahman had the only goal for his team's victory Universidad Guadalajara against Celaya, 93-minute match. Besides it was the winning goal and the last moments of the meeting, the goal was even more special because Straham conducted with scissors parabolluar goalkeeper and at least for one day promised to read around the world.

Police come in stadium

“When the arena opens there are going to be changes to people’s quality of life,” Capt. Michael Ameri, standing next to City Councilmember Letitia James, told a roomfull of people at Brooklyn’s 78th Precinct, where he is the commanding officer. The public meeting on how the new Barclays Center and surrounding area would be policed drew approximately 60 area residents on Wednesday.