Stadium strange in world

Look these picture,what a stadium,beautifoul.

12 thousand fans desperate, just this happy

Italian media have published the picture of an Italian fan who has become known for "loneliness". In yesterday's match between Sampdoria and Udineses, italian fan Henry Brovedani was the one who had traveled to Sampdoria to make cheer for his team Udinese. Approximately 12 thousand fans were said to Sampdoria, while Brovedani was alone. Yourself carrying a Udineses flag while standing at all times in the leg, According to a ridiculous estimate, 12 thousand desperate fan came from the stadium, while Brovedani certainly was happy after Udinese win a score of 2 to 0.

Nuhiu in Turkey what a goal

Kosovar striker Austrian passport, Atdhe Nuhiu has been the leading figure in the Turkish league derby match between Besiktas and Eskesehirsport. Nuhiu managed to score the tying goal in the match being involved in the only game in the last 15 minutes of the match. Guests were experiencing 2 to 0 and turned the game in the last 10 minutes of the match. Ates 8O minute narrowed to 1 to 0, while the Kosovar Nuhiu silenced thousands of fan in Turkey, recorded miracle in the last seconds of the match.

Ibra hat-trick vs Valenciennes

PSG players have achieved another victory deep in the arms of Zlatan Ibrahimoviqit. Bosnian marked Het-trick in the triumph of PSG ride Valenciennesme result 4:0 to match the throughput of 17 Ligeu 1. Win, PSG has cut Lyon difference in position in only two points, but with a more matches. Another goal for the capital city reaches Lavezzi, who day by day is showing good form.

Berlusconi daughter in love with Pep Guardiola

Silvio Berlusconi's daughter, Barbara Berlusconi spoke about the future of Milan squad saying that I would be like the arrival of Pep Guardiola. "Everybody would like a coach like Pep Guardiola. Team should be built by a coach who creates new players, making a beautiful game system. It's good that the team hired young people but who have clear ideas. Guardiola would be the right one, but that he remains the only option. It should be viewed as examples of teams Ajax or Manchester United, "said Barbara Berlusconi.

Neymar, makes stale opponent (Video)

Neymar, Foto: Getty Images

Footballers "ugly", the best

A study of the German University Dusseldorfit has issued a conclusion that indecent players are the strongest. They have taken as an example of Frank Ribery, whose statistics speak for themselves. Meanwhile, handsome players, sensing public support for their aesthetic quality, have the luxury to engage less.

Messi and Godrfrey Chitalu

Record in terms of goals scored in a calendar year does not belong to Lionel Messi: is this news bomb that can be read online site prestigjozes Spanish sport "AS". According to the Iberian, footballer who carries this record is a former player of Zambia, Godfrey Chitalu. Born in 1947, Chitalu in 1972 marked full 107 goals, as indicated by the picture above. The problem is that FIFA will not recognize the official record that Argentine star Lionel Messi with 86 goals scored so far.