Granit Tyson Xhaka

Newbies had it not easy this season with Borussia Mönchengladbach today is the finding that Reus and Dante could not be adequately replaced, to the top platitudes. But while Alvaro Dominguez and even Luuk de Jong have orange fights, Granit Xhaka is despite strong efforts to establish itself as a leading player, something being pushed aside, giving the defensive Thorben Marx allowed a comeback in the mid-field. The Swiss talent came with a lot of early praise and a price tag of 8.5 million in the Lower Rhine had, in his postings but often motivated to hit the wrong decisions or rendered unnecessary turnovers. Given the double burden of League and Europa League Lucien Favre is his compatriot but probably still be one or the other possibility.

Referee fouls player! [FUNNY]

An interesting moment was seen today in the friendly match between the zenith and Shakhtarit. At one point, Chief Justice of the match slipped down field at the same time the a zenith player. Consequently player ankoj injury while the judge stood up to pick up.

Cristiano Ronaldo insults Diego Alves Valencia`s Goalkeeper

After Real Madrid 5-0 victory over Valencia, journalists left unchecked CR7's behavior was the protagonist of two golave.Cristiano had throughout the summit clash with Valencia players. But CR7 did not stay without being avenged opponent goalkeeper Diego Alves. Once turned in his direction and CR7 fans insulted him by his hand-made. Sign that had eaten 5 goals, so should not be made ​​out.

This fan is required by British police (VIDEO)


This will be Bayern Guardiola

Name the largest global training, "Guardiola" has just landed in Bavaria, where football is failing roofs 70s, with the largest Bayern has ever had, as Karl-Heinz Rummenige or Franz Beckenbauer. However, the media does not stop talking about potential purchases Bayern. We're analyzing all shorter than as may be the titular formation Bayern next year, under the Merkato Guardiola bold. Attention: new names in this lineup will not necessarily be right, but at least understand that as the value of players and positions in the field, Guardiola exactly and it will improve the team. Neuer - Alaba Badstuber, Hummels, Lahm-Schwein, Martinez, Kroos - Neymar Ribery, Robben (Müller). This is expected to be another year Bavarian formation. At least so thinks redaction of our site,

The most powerful goal in the Premier League, 112km / h (VIDEO)

badstuber screams out at lahm and robben

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Faster England, Ronaldo run faster, but after Walcott and Lennon

In addition to talent and technology, there is another element necessary to be successful in football - speed. Unlike the past, today there are more and more players, who are able to run as if they were sprinter. Currently the world's fastest footballer is Arsenal striker Theo Walcott. British star is able to run 100 meters for 9.9 seconds.   To be a good player and completed in present day football is not enough to have talent and technique, but also a good physical condition. Seeing most popular sport in the world it comes and becomes strong, then it is necessary that the players have a very good athletic preparation. This element give more importance to all, especially the biggest clubs on the continent.   But, soccer players are not Fast innovation in football. Even in the past have been known some very fast players, among them Frenchman Thierry Henry, who was called "athlete football player" because he was able to run 100 meters in a time very close to a professional athlete. While today the number of 'footballers sprinters' as they came and added more. According to statistics published by the British daily The Metro, Arsenal striker Theo Walcott is faster time footballer.   British Reprezentuesi is able to run 100 meters for 9.9 seconds. How to show velocity Walcottit, world record in the 100 meters sprint belongs to star xhamajkani Usain Bolt, who ran for 9.58 seconds.   Walcott followed by his compatriots from Tottenham Hotspur, Aaron Lennon, while Portuguese star lock pillar Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo. It catches the eye is that five of the 6 fastest players in the world come from the Premier League, which shows that English football is very fast and requires a very high athletic preparation.   Six soccer players faster: Theo Walcott - Arsenal 9.9 seconds / 100 m Aaron Lennon - Tottenham 10.2 Cristiano Ronaldo - Real Madrid 10.62 Gabriel Agbolahor - Aston Villa 10.98 Gareth Bale - Tottenham 11.4 Antonio Valencia - Man.United 11.47