Flawless hat trick for Ronaldo

What followed was the show of the Royal superstars: Cristiano Ronaldo. After a good hour Carvalho sent a long passing Ozil on the trip. This over a defender and sprinted left fit neatly on the Portuguese star, who finished after great single action inside the far post (62 '). Three minutes later it was again Oezil, who served di Maria on the wing. The Argentine crossed precisely on the head of Ronaldo, who was dozing off unerringly (65th). Erenut few moments later there was for a foul on Modric penalty - Ronaldo did not take the chance and grabbed the ball after he his hat-trick with his unerring penalty completed (73) to 4:0, the Portuguese left under frenetic replace applause. Benzema came for him in the game.

The Greatest Team Goal Ever Yousef Ahmad

Tiki-taka have invented Catalans, but this example follow worldwide. Finally, if you show a tiki taka Emirates. Yousef Ahmad Al Ain has been finalized with a goal taka-tiki-taka brilliantly to the challenge of won 4-0 against Ajmanit. Commentators said this taka-tiki-taka is more beautiful than that of Barcelona.

Wesley Sneijder first time in Galatasaray

Wesley Sneijder has debuted at Galatasaray shirt yesterday. Dutch midfielder entered the game in the second half in Turkish football derby with Besiktasin, which Galata earned a score of 2:1. Audiences have put a stadium when the game was introduced former player of Ajax, Real Madrid and the Inter Milan recently. Dutch representative joined the Istanbul giants to 7.5 million euros from team Nerazzurr. Like to view the video

Mauro icardi sampdoria pescara

Barcelona can be regretted a supertalenti loss of her team. Young Argentinian star Mauro Icardi rod all his appearances Sampdoria. Supertalenti Argentine 19-year mark yesterday 4 goals Sampdorian match to Pescaras, just 2 weeks after we beat Juventus itself in its stadium with his 2 goals scored. Icardi was for 3 years on a part of the academy "La Masia Barcelona" where the distinction as one of the greatest talents but by chance that Barcelona sold for a very very small. This decision turns out to be very wrong. Media are krahasonë Icardi with Lionel Messi, especially his ability in front of the goal which marks the very simple goals. Rather interesting is the fact that Icardi career resembles that of Messi, given that the two neighboring Argentine city Rosario. Icardi today is one of the most talked about names in the European market since are expressing interest in Milan, Juventus, Roma, Zenit Porto.

Balotelli formally tomorrow in Milan?

Mario Balotelli back to Italy. Former Inter striker two seasons at Manchester City ends adventure on the island to start a new career with Milan. British media consider only a matter of agreement between the two clubs procedures that are believed to have found the language of pëbashkët at the base of 24 million Euros to be paid in several installments. "The Sun" ensures that some of the companions of the team have welcomed Italian bomberin, while adding that very soon with Milan AKP joined by Kaka. Meanwhile, the new contract the player of African descent provides as valid for June 2017 with 5 million per season. "The Sun" adds Super-Mario hosted a farewell party at his home in Manchester, where he communicated the guests leave Milan destination. Balotelli was purchased by the City in 2010 where it is activated 53 games with 20 goals scored. After semi Euro 2012 against Germany where shgënoi two goals of the blue, his career has seen only dishezë because the constant conflicts with Italian coach Roberto Mancini.

Bayern recognizes Kosovo

State of Kosovo is already known about 1 year of German football club FC Bayern München. However, the question, as recognized FC Bayern München Kosovo state!? Know the best questions to answer fanklubit members official FC Bayern München, the so-called "Bavarian", who initially long faced resistance to their official membership as fanklub, by FC Bayern AG and after that really challenged the technical headquarters largest German club FC Bayern München, led by Karl Heinz Rummenigen, where and convinced that Kosovo is an independent and sovereign state, which has a large society and culture sports especially fascinated by Bayern. Fanklubi Bavarians, the formation of which was an initiative through the social network Facebook. On November 9, 2010 began collecting Bavarian society, but which was later formalized by FC Bayern München, or in other words more precisely official fanklub was announced on 23 January 2012, in which and was recognized Kosovo state , as can be read in the web of FCBayern. So, these days fanklubi Bavarian celebrated the 1st anniversary of formalization. Today, on January 27, 2013, under the championship match between FC Bayern Münchenit and VfB Stuttgart (17:30 h), in Filikaqa Sports Bar is the next meeting of Bavarian meeting starts at 16:30, effectively and Seasonal distribution of money cards, T-shirts and rekuziteve fanklubit, which would be present even some media and local television. Bavarians are brought together, to share a cult sport among Albanian society in Kosovo, Albania and in the region. They want to inform the general public that fanklubi organizes events or meetings between fans, you answer questions shumëta Bavarian fans and inform about any important topic that has do with Bayern Münchenit, then, every week organize meetings where watch their club matches together in giant projectors and always try to be in a much larger number of viewers not to forget that the atmosphere be were hot from their voices and shouting Bavarian. Fanklubi the only official in Kosovo "Bavarian", has a large number of members, but now has started to be equipped with recording annual membership cards, where and enjoy the very best benefits which allows club FC Bayern München. As a member, you can apply for tickets to the Allianz Arena, then buy from Fanshopi cheaper prices, these and many other special offers offered only fanklube can enjoy all members through official fanklubit contact with FCB AG. According Bavarian membership card device is really a pleasure in itself, because through that file, often in meetings or in social conversations serves as evidence that are part of the Bavarian club and made really proud and feel strong for opponents them. Bavarians among them have members from Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Germany, and America. Fanklubi is open to any fan of Bayern Munich, despite not come and say that the public should know, that still welcome and many other fan who has neither the idea of ​​Albanian Bavarians there somewhere.

Xherdan Shaqiri - A new Talent - FC Bayern München 2012/2013

The coach of FC Bayern Munich said after the 3-0 friendly win in Basel loved the Swiss Xherdan Shaqiri. After the change of the national player of Bavaria became known, it still sounded different.

Incredible! Cristiano Ronaldo' Son celebrates hattrick of his father

Explosion of Cristiano Ronaldo in the match with Getafen was one more reason. "Santiago Bernabeu" were watching closely both his love. To look closely was his mother who carried on the lap son Cristiano Ronaldo. "Of course I had the biggest reasons that I marked. Whenever you are given the case, I go back to watch them, "said Ronaldo after the match

Zlatan Ibrahimovic takes a small bridge Chedjou

Fore that Zlatan Ibrahimovic i'a has made many who in European football, del someone award made ​​to him. Lille team star defender Chedjou i'a "opened" Ibra feet for a moment to marvel spend it on a special trick. Driblimin Chedjou is evaluated by MTE beautiful week in Ligue 1.