Mauro icardi sampdoria pescara

Barcelona can be regretted a supertalenti loss of her team. Young Argentinian star Mauro Icardi rod all his appearances Sampdoria. Supertalenti Argentine 19-year mark yesterday 4 goals Sampdorian match to Pescaras, just 2 weeks after we beat Juventus itself in its stadium with his 2 goals scored. Icardi was for 3 years on a part of the academy "La Masia Barcelona" where the distinction as one of the greatest talents but by chance that Barcelona sold for a very very small. This decision turns out to be very wrong. Media are krahasonë Icardi with Lionel Messi, especially his ability in front of the goal which marks the very simple goals. Rather interesting is the fact that Icardi career resembles that of Messi, given that the two neighboring Argentine city Rosario. Icardi today is one of the most talked about names in the European market since are expressing interest in Milan, Juventus, Roma, Zenit Porto.