Messinho,Messi from Brazil

Brazilians have Messi. Besides being young, Brazilian footballer nicknamed his links with famous Argentinian football player. Messinho has shown a fraction of his talent for football.

Lazio vs Siena (1-1) Cana scored AMAZING OWN GOAL

Lorik Cana for a few seconds could have been tragic figures of eliminating Lazio Italian Cup. But this did not happen after that Lazio able to provide continuations Cianit goal scored in the last seconds of the match. Cana score an own goal to pass Sienën avanatazh 56 minutes, although Wolfe Cana was somewhat unfortunate. Lazio managed to win on penalties with the score 4-1.

Tymoshchuk And Schweinsteiger Amazing Executions

Augsburg. FC Augsburg in the second round of the DFB Cup get the most severe possible task randomly assigned. On Tuesday night, it's in the local SGL Arena, as already on 16 Round the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich.

Ronaldo with friends VS Marcelo with friends

Christmas Dinner has joined Real Madrid players in a joint dinner was held in Madrid. But what was seen at the dinner was the partition of the players into 2 groups.

Do you know what is respect

Dutch team coach, Groingen, Robert Maaskant is humiliated by gjyqatari to judge which game his team developed with VVV Venlo. Maaskant kundërshtone the decisions of the judge, and the judge Serdar Gözübüyük subdued him picked up UEFA mark that holds up to the Fair Play-t, the sign "Respect".

Karim Benzema Christmas Song

A funny video published by the Brazilian media was hit on the internet.In video are Benzema themselves for Christmas by Mourinho, Ronaldo, Di Maria, Messi, Casillas and Pepe. Benzema presented in caricature form does not accept as it is of religion myslimane.Urimet wishes for Christmas ignores Ozil in this video making handmade sign that it accepts the congratulations.