David Beckham and Jose Mourinho

In a friendly match where J.Mourinho meet D.Beckhamin after he was replaced with a bashklojtar its turning bankin us J.Mourinho wakes up and greets.

RM Castilla player gets swipe at Barcelona B player

The first stations of Álex Fernández as a junior were the clubs in his hometown of AD Complutense and RSD Alcalá. In summer 2005, the then 12-year-old moved into the next generation of Real Madrid. In the Hauptstädtern he held various ages and won 2009/10 with the cadets the Spanish Championship before the season 2010/11 part of the squad of Real Madrid Castilla, the second team of the club was. His debut in the first team Álex Fernández celebrated on 6 March 2011 in a league match against Racing Santander. [1] In the 2011/12 season as a regular player Álex succeeded in central midfield with Real Madrid Castilla promotion to the Segunda División.

Lionel Messi vs All (4 goals) | Barcelona 5 - 1 Osasuna

Barcelona has forgotten more quickly loss Real Sociedadi, completely destroying Osasunën 5:1 on lap 21 of the Primera Division. Lionel Messi has scored four times in the opposing gate (min. 11, 28, 56 and 58), while also contributing a goal Pedro after 40 minutes. The only goal for Osasunën marked Loe 24 minutes. With this victory, Barcelona now has 58 points, 15 more than Real Madrid.

Official: Didier Drogba to Galatasaray

Although talk of the Italian giants, Didier Drogba will continue career at Galatasaray. Former Chelsea footballer has signed a 18-month contract with the Turkish club. Turkish giant with Drogba has significantly strengthened since a few days ago signed with Dutch Wesely Sneijder. Drogan for 18 muja will earn six million euros. He has also received four million signing bonus, while depending on the number of matches that develops can make half a million euro.

Cristiano Ronaldo 4th hat-trick vs Getafe first hat trick with all buddy

Cristiano Ronaldo i'u took only 10 minutes to complete mitted his trick in the game with Getafen. Real Madrid star punch one of Het faster trick in La Liga scoring 3 times in minutes 62-72. His statistics become more daunting as these 3 goals Ronaldo completes the number of 10 goals in 2013, by 7 games developed.

Denied Penalty For Juventus - Juventus 1-1 Genoa

It is useless to talk about other games because the list is long ... Without mentioning the hands of Vucinic volunteer!? You can not talk to giubbentini whiners tronde from what we expect from people used to steal!? maybe they have forgotten that the evil of football and the shame of Italy they are and begin to protest! GENOA GREAT!

The Terrible, 100% True: Devil lug player on the field! Attention, shocking view! (Video)


Legendary speech from Javier Zaneti

Memories of my mother when we won the Italian Cup against Palermo, she sent me a message on the phone:? 'Son, congratulations, I'm so happy for you, I love you. "Holiday in Milan ended late, I thought that I would call him the next day, but I had no chance because she died in his sleep that night "