Zlatan Ibrahimovic Amazing Goal at Training

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a great champion despite his temparamentit hard, it would not comment. But Swedish Bosnian origin has become so very strong training wherever serious play. Zlatani just being trained in Paris

Guardiola made ​​happy Citaku

Integration Minister Vlora Citaku fan of Barcelona, is the happy news that former Barca coach, Pep Guardiola, has move to Bayern Munich. All this joy because part of the biggest German team is Kosovo talent, Xherdan Shaqiri. She wrote on her Facebook profile that is happy that Guardiola would be the coach of Xherdan Shaqiri.

Javier Zanetti with new song

Javier Zanetti has made a new funny song with emotions,this sing ist montage but very funny.Zanetti have a talent for singing,hahaha enjoy the music...

And who said lower league football was of a poor standard!?

An interesting case was seen last night in English football match between Coventry City teams Tranmere Rovers. Home team was in the lead with the result 1 to 0, while the guests insisted that equated. But even this unprecedented mess and 5 blows toward the gate and did not find the right destination. A big mess so rarely seen in football gate while the locals were extremely lucky to escape invincible.

PSG reinforced with an Albanian goalkeeper!

psgAlbanian goalkeeper, Enis Aziz is shown in the official website of the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) as a reinforcement of the order, though it still has nothing on paper

Josep Guardiola i Sala - transfer to FC Bayern München perfect

Pep Guardiola - Welcome to FC Bayern Munich - 2013

Comments on the transfer of Pep Guardiola

17 million euros per year for Guardiola "I'm a happy for Guardiolen. Bayern is a club that provides a solid and stable project they also have a very good player. He (Guardiola) found what they seek and I'm happy" - Andoni Zubizarreta. "I am very happy to have decided to go back. Bayern is a great club. Far as I know Guardiolen had many big clubs interested, but he had sufficient time to decide and chose Bayern has 4 champions trophy leagaue and, and the terms they offer are fantastic "- Tito Vilanova. "I'm not very suprizuar. Germany is the locomotive of the European and German football is showing economic power" - Adriano Galliani. "He chose Bayern and it surprised me a bit. Only he knows the answer why he chose. We need to do a lot better against Bayern, they now have 2 trainer" - Arsene Wenger. "Guardiola to Bayern? Shocking news to me. Only this explains why? Stability, organization, team competing in the Champions, money to invest, history. Think that Pep made ​​the right choice." - Rio Ferdinand. "Pep Guardiola to Bayern? Hmmmm this will be special for German football," Ryan Babbel. "It was widely acknowledged that Guardiola will pass to a big club and here is Bayern. They have many German player and have a philosophy and style of the game defined" - Javier Mascherano. "They are a very good team and it is a coach fantasik. He shkonë in one of the best clubs in Europe and I wish all the best father" - Carles Puyol. "Pep Guardiola took the right decision to choose to lead, Bayern Munich" - Owen Hargreaves.

The ball hits her in the face during the match, the player dies (Video)