Comments on the transfer of Pep Guardiola

17 million euros per year for Guardiola "I'm a happy for Guardiolen. Bayern is a club that provides a solid and stable project they also have a very good player. He (Guardiola) found what they seek and I'm happy" - Andoni Zubizarreta. "I am very happy to have decided to go back. Bayern is a great club. Far as I know Guardiolen had many big clubs interested, but he had sufficient time to decide and chose Bayern has 4 champions trophy leagaue and, and the terms they offer are fantastic "- Tito Vilanova. "I'm not very suprizuar. Germany is the locomotive of the European and German football is showing economic power" - Adriano Galliani. "He chose Bayern and it surprised me a bit. Only he knows the answer why he chose. We need to do a lot better against Bayern, they now have 2 trainer" - Arsene Wenger. "Guardiola to Bayern? Shocking news to me. Only this explains why? Stability, organization, team competing in the Champions, money to invest, history. Think that Pep made ​​the right choice." - Rio Ferdinand. "Pep Guardiola to Bayern? Hmmmm this will be special for German football," Ryan Babbel. "It was widely acknowledged that Guardiola will pass to a big club and here is Bayern. They have many German player and have a philosophy and style of the game defined" - Javier Mascherano. "They are a very good team and it is a coach fantasik. He shkonë in one of the best clubs in Europe and I wish all the best father" - Carles Puyol. "Pep Guardiola took the right decision to choose to lead, Bayern Munich" - Owen Hargreaves.