Look at that jam made ​​Christiano Ronaldo Messi

Real Madrid is more or less on the way to El Clasico to Barcelona. The match against Deportivo La Coruna also evaluated Jose Mourinho than just test, because Cristiano Ronaldo was among other things to start only on the bench, but without the first guard should it just enough for a 2-1 win.

Miss announced in a rural village

Forest Park Pass lies on the northern slope of the neck with the same name in elevation 400-1300 meters above sea level and occupies an area of ​​1010ha. Pass Neck opens a vast horizon towards the Ionian sea and space only from the neck can grasp at a glance all the wonderful spaces Riviera. It is one of the true wonders offered by Mother Nature. For years, is a National Park and is known to all tourist almanac of the same name. Pass neck and strategic importance. It constitutes the only possible crossing land between the coast of the Ionian Sea and Vlora bay. It has been exploited in antiquity as pathways. Julius Caesar used to pass his troops toward Oriku. Today, the road goes through it Vlore - Sarande.

Jordi Amat Amaizing goal from halfway Rayo Vallecano

A fantastic goal is scored in La Liga in the game that ended a few moments between Rayo Vallecanos and Real Valladolid. Midfielder Jordi Amat took care in this very beautiful goal by answering the next action after friends scored a goal. Just a few meters away half of the field, Amat paraboloi Valladolid goalkeeper to score to 1 to 1.

Tevez Bury Chelsea With A Supergol

Manchester City defeated at Etihad Stadium London team, Chelsea, with the result 2-0. At the beginning of the game was extremely dynamic, locals dominated. The first part ended goalless, but the second half was outstanding. Lampard from the penalty spot kick was stopped by Joe Hart. As Aguerro not passed Chelsea the lead. Yaya Toure in the 63rd minute after a combination with Silva scored the first goal. While Tevez doubled in pattern.

Playstation 4 relase

The key points for the upcoming PlayStation 4, Sony has unveiled at the show. This we take you along for our extensive news. In retrospect, however, are several interesting details become known. We'll tell you what you can expect from the PS4 yet. PS4 Hardware: Probably at E3 in the picture Probably the biggest criticism of presentation in New York was the missing hardware. Sony abandoned entirely to a visualization of the new console. According to initial information, the console will be unveiled at the upcoming games at E3 in the U.S.. It is however not yet clear whether in fact the case is issued or only images are shown of them. Until then, we must imagine the PS4 easy. Tech Specs: Only after the presentation If you have only seen the live stream of the event or our live ticker, you will still miss the tough specifications. This Sony has announced after the event by notice. So a combination of AMD CPU and GPU on one chip comes with 8 cores Jaguar unknown clock-rate is used. It is a power-saving model and not the more powerful piledriver cores that AMD uses, for example in its FX CPUs. There are also 8 GB of GDDR5 memory, a Blu-ray drive, Wi-Fi by the N-standard USB 3.0 ports for fast data transfers, as well as Bluetooth. As a Sony x86 and thus relies on PC architecture, is likely the PS4 analog age to the classic desktop and be overtaken in terms of pure performance accordingly fast.

Kaka Amazing GOAL vs Deportivo La Coruna

Leite Kaka take one of the few chances that Jose Morinho is giving Real Madrid. Brazilian star was one of the best Real Madrid to victory against La Corunjës, even scoring one of two goals for Real Madrid in the match. Kaka realize 72 minutes into the match to level the score. Mourinho after this match will think better Kakas activation in other games for Real as a holder.

Van Persei injury total

Robin Van Persie has suffered injury in dealing with QPR bringing fear for Manchester United before facing Real Madrid. Van Persie after making an indentation on the side, lost control in flight being down near a hearing forografik. Van Persie has had severe pain in the back and was forced to get out of the game after 41 minutes of the match. Will soon learn the extent of his injury which will confirm the presence or lack thereof in the game against Real Madrid.