Perfect action of Barcelona! (VIDEO)

Robin Van Persie vs Williams Incident occurred during match

Robin Van Persie has flared for a moment in the match with Swansean. Manchester United striker was provokuesi prominent defense lawyer challenges, Williams who hit him with the ball in the head after he was ousted in a share. Van Persie break to catch England defender throat, and later became involved in a dialogue with defender Chico.

Messi cant stop as 9 players

Lionel Messi has scored a goal of 91 in this calendar year and breaking the world record which keeps itself, reminds us of the saying "a person who can stop." Messi in filing deadline for this year has managed to outdo once goalkeeper Valladolidit (1:3), although in some cases, even nine rival team players in the face. However, the representative Argentine not only personally scored 91 goals, also was responsible for 24 goals achieved his mates. Before you is a video dhjetëminutëshe all wonderful goals that Argentine scored in the period from January to December, including this latest against Valladollit.

Answer from question 1

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Look what the judge finds in the field (VIDEO)

Albanian football violence this time has gone down in the city of Erseka.After the match with Vllaznine that ended in 1-1 draw, Erseka field has turned into a gladiator arena. Players and self managers pankines that Gramoz squad have exercised physical violence to winger Denis Agaraj. While players and fans tried to shoot winger, who for some moments had been under the protection of the police forces, a member of the technical staff of this team has punched vijerojtesin Gugaraj collapsed on the ground. I contacted on the phone by Top Channel, Gramoz coach Dawn Canaj condemned the violence, but according to him, these actions have come as a result of an anti-Gramoz that made ​​these last weeks.

Chelsea Win Roman Abramovich Funny Dancing At Seat

Russian Miljarderi dance dancing Roman Abramovich, who a few weeks ago bought a wonderful villa for about 100 million euro. Not surprisingly, in the English version of monopoly, the path with the highest value has been "Mayfair" and now is "Kensington Palace Gardens."