Shaqiri Goal (Bayern Munchen vs. VFL Wolfsburg 3-1)

Then again, Bayern: Shaqiri uses a seperate loose pass plays wonderfully into the alley and Robben sunk to 2:0 (35). Although Naldo shortly after connecting with a header narrowly missed that Wolfsburg that thing is spinning, none of the 71 000 spectators believe in the Allianz Arena. But Hecking's team strikes back! Diego New flutters a shot from the right edge of the box into the net (45). Neither the Bayern goalkeeper still Contento, Diego does not interfere with the right to see this good. There is about anything else? No! Shaqiri provides fast after the restart again for clarity. His low shot to pass from Robben is not over by Fagners legs and then at Benaglio in goal. The 3-1 after 51 minutes.

Watch Spain's party on their flight home

Casillas was teasing teammates sitting next to his girlfriend. Air flight fun. Happy Bull country team. LOOK THEY HAPPY. CONGRATULATIONS SPAIN yes i mean it. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. Listen to this My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly.

The good news for Barcelona

Lionel Messi has successfully passed the medical tests related to the injury he suffered in bicepsin femoral during the first quarterfinal of the Champions League against Paris Saint Germain. Argentine star felt pain whenever touched the ball but good luck katalanasve everything has passed and Messi continues with separate training and working with the physiotherapist. After Paris destruction Messi was left off but bound was introduced in the second quarterfinal of turning everything returns favor Barceonës. Messi was in doubt gjysëmfinalen against Bayern Munchen but according to that report, "Sport", it is ready for Champions-in.

Meda fans with fcb

Local brand of diaper (Pampers), Active Baby Diapers, as part of a new promotional campaign as the face has chosen sensational singer, Meda, which will not be lonely. Luljeta his wife and son Aldioni will also be part of this advertisement, which will be launched soon. Unit has ensured that such advertising be better crafted. Expected for this ad to talk about long after it is believed that is extraordinary. Our resources make known among the things that Meda has agreed to be the new advertising promotional face for a stunning, considering that he rarely has been part of the screen.

Mourinho swore his players!

Jose Mourinho wants his players to show respect for his team. The Portuguese coach was first nervoozuar match against Athletico Bilbao to 3 his players, Moratas, Callejon and Nacho. Three Madrid players wore T-shirts of the team at the Bank of Madrid. Mourinho saw it approaching them unconditionally. Mourinho is said to be banal to them by giving out a rail on them for this gesture, while Iker Casillas continued with his seriousness only by them.

Cleaner roads "at work" goes with "Porsche"

Manchester is a business day in Manchester. In the early hours of Monday morning in the parking lot of street cleaning trucks, introduced a "Porsche" White in the amount of 120 thousand euros. The car comes Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez, who enters the office, take the orange vest and starts deleting fshesë.Ky roads is the punishment, which Manchester City star should do because it is appointed by the court . Six months ago, the police had taken driver's license for violating the rules, but he went on to because even without permission and last month stopped police, which revealed that he had not nor insurance for makinen.Për this reason, it is fined removal of driver's license for six months and 250 hours in service komunitar.Pra: with broom in hand!