Shaqiri Goal (Bayern Munchen vs. VFL Wolfsburg 3-1)

Then again, Bayern: Shaqiri uses a seperate loose pass plays wonderfully into the alley and Robben sunk to 2:0 (35). Although Naldo shortly after connecting with a header narrowly missed that Wolfsburg that thing is spinning, none of the 71 000 spectators believe in the Allianz Arena. But Hecking's team strikes back! Diego New flutters a shot from the right edge of the box into the net (45). Neither the Bayern goalkeeper still Contento, Diego does not interfere with the right to see this good. There is about anything else? No! Shaqiri provides fast after the restart again for clarity. His low shot to pass from Robben is not over by Fagners legs and then at Benaglio in goal. The 3-1 after 51 minutes.