Barcelona makes video with 'shocks' Pepe (Video)

Barcelona has a collection of footage of violent behavior quarterback Real Madrid Pepe in El Clasico duels, reported Radio Catalunya on Thursday.
Catalan giants are believed to have made together footage of harsh interventions made ​​by the representative Portuguese in matches between the teams - especially to Lionel Messi - and the video is being stored in the offices of Camp Nou stadium. Radio station El Club de la Matjani has reported that Barcelona has engaged Domenec officials Torrent, Carles Planchart and Alex Garcia to join some footage from Pepe violent interventions within a material.
Also said that the video was made at the request of former coach Pep Guardiola and current coach Tito Vilanova after the latter weeks ago answered Pepes accusations that judges favor Barcelona, saying: "You can make a video with Pepes collisions" . It is believed that Barcelona's presidency so far has decided not to publish the material.

Revealed new girlfriend Lorik Canes

Popular footballer Albanian Lorik Cana in a emison for Top Channel has zbulur for the latter exclusively emrine his new girlfriend which has a connection serioze.Ai discovers that his girlfriend called Monika and thathas a about 11 mujore.Thote that loves most and that is beautiful, she says she understands my life as a footballer, understands everything, comes from an aristocratic Italian family and the city of Rome.