Ricardo Van Rhijn's amazing disappearing act

Ajax footballer, Ricardo Van Rijhn is a real magician. So at least seen in the video below where he had left the camera in a pashpjeguar.Van Rijhn while it was being recorded in team drills camera went so striking. Look at and appreciate.

Balotelli scored the 'Messi, Iniesta and Xavi' (video)

Balo (1)

Messi and Ronaldo promo

A television advertisement television Al Jazzera astonishes everyone where the protagonists are Messi Ronaldo.Warns ads next El Clasico between Real Madrid Barcelona where opponents will again be Messi Ronaldo. This time they are advertising in telephone messages opponents. Messi boasts achievements, record, and writes that he will speak better in March. Ronaldo promises to punch back, while Messi record mocks a

Xherdan Tyson Shaqiri

On Saturday FC Bayern travels to Switzerland to play a friendly against former club Xherdan Shaqiri. Shaqa expressed satisfaction for this match. FC Basel - FC Bayern place in 16:30. Xherdani: "to enter St. Jakob Park with fanelen of FC Bayern and play against thousands of old comrades will be something very special. I am very happy for this match." said Shaqa to the official website of FC Bayern

13 years old boxer who is 'crazy' Americans

Albanian Tinejxheri with U.S. passport Reshat Mat (13) deals with military discipline, while his age is so dominant that it is hard to find rivals, because nobody has the guts to enter the ring with him. This guy has nicknamed "Albanian Bear". Reshati so far has 22 titles in boxing, wrestling, ulimate fight ... "Most of MMA because this discipline is the nation of all other sports. It is difficult sport. If you see during Meci, my son gets severe blow, will put an end to the war. He trains five times a week, two hours and a half. Goes to school, eats, does homework and going into coaching. New York has no rival, so we have to travel across the U.S. to find the opponent, "said the father of Reshatit, Adrian Mati, U.S. media reported.

Changing 'Balotelli - it' blonde

Among the current British champion seems to have found a remedy to calm the Italian striker. British media immediately denounce as "Balotelli was blonde because manager Roberto Mancini has said that must change if it wants to be part of the team." Others have written that despite the change of hair color "Balotelli always remains the same." However the long list of incidents it does not leave much space for thinking that the Italian may change, at least not in a short time.

Granit dancing with arabic music

Kosovar midfielder Granit Jaca (first on the right, above), celebrating in Dubai, where his team, Borussia Monchengladbach is taking preparations before the start of the new season in the Bundesliga. Nearby seen a dancer while casting an Arabic dance, and Xhakës seems that it likes, as is seen in high spirits.