13 years old boxer who is 'crazy' Americans

Albanian Tinejxheri with U.S. passport Reshat Mat (13) deals with military discipline, while his age is so dominant that it is hard to find rivals, because nobody has the guts to enter the ring with him. This guy has nicknamed "Albanian Bear". Reshati so far has 22 titles in boxing, wrestling, ulimate fight ... "Most of MMA because this discipline is the nation of all other sports. It is difficult sport. If you see during Meci, my son gets severe blow, will put an end to the war. He trains five times a week, two hours and a half. Goes to school, eats, does homework and going into coaching. New York has no rival, so we have to travel across the U.S. to find the opponent, "said the father of Reshatit, Adrian Mati, U.S. media reported.