The picture that touched the sports world

An emotional moment is seen in the second division of England between Burnley and Ipswich. Burnley footballer, Danny came after the match ended in a disabled boy who offered his shoes. Danny boy kissed him on the forehead as he began to cry with emotion.

The moment when Muntari gives cardboard Balotelli

An interesting point is the first game to win with Milan and Turin. After the Balotelli goal 84 minutes into the match, the Italian striker celebrated by stripping his jersey, which is punished with a yellow card. But he was not the judge who gave yellow Balotelli. Sulley Muntari did this he received the yellow judge to punish Balotelli.

Twins Ajeti say no to Barcelona,sign with Basel

Adonis and Albian verse signed professional contract with the Swiss team Basel. 16-vjeccar be handed over in the presence of their father, Kanha verse Approach cast signature on papers, which makes them the champions of the Swiss player. As writes "Albanian sport", their contract of 3 years left on July 1, 2013 and ending on 1 July 2016. Adonis verse plays as a central midfielder and currently holds the captaincy to the Basel U16 team. His brother, Albiani, plays in the striker position in the U18 team. But they have the greatest brother who plays for Basel. He called ARLIND verse, which plays in the first team. Looking for twins was put in Barcelona and contract research is a protective measure by the Basle in order to prevent removal of talent. But while the Basel and Barcelona struggled to open these talents and at the end, the team that had won parts of academia, the Albanian national has not yet shown interest in these two talents in the future could provide a major contribution to the jersey red and black. Two 16-year-olds currently playing for the Swiss national team. But while not yet played for the first team, Albania can do its part.

David Luiz hahahahaha…

Chelsea star, Daviz Luiz has become a topic in the British media with a gesture to show the match against Manchester United. Luiz crashed at the end of the game from defender Rafael, who also was out with a red card. But how serious the injury was Luizit, it was when he was caught lying on the ground laughing.

Jürgen Klopp vs Matthias Sammer

Bayern and Dortmund jnaë two teams with the greatest hatred in European football. This was also the last derby between the two teams. After the Rafinhas pasjashtimit the match, tensions were raised bank reserve. Director of Bayern Munich, Matthias Samer was involved in conflict with Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp. They offered each other head being close to a physical conflict.