Casillas Reaction to Isco Goal

After every goal look Casilasit feedback that was not in match fizionomisht but psychologically and heart was the most important part of the game.

"Golf 2" more quickly in the world (VIDEO)

Livaja Crazy Fail | Inter - Genoa 1-1

Its stadium, Inter did not manage more than one point in the match with a team that is at the bottom of the table, Genoa. 1 1 was the score of the match, even this point Inter assure only at the last minute. Inter took place and an incredible opportunity where Liva hits pillar with empty port. Follow the video.

Pep Guardiola is in Barcelona!!!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Amazing Scorpion Kick Brest

Although months ago became famous with a supergol in Sweden-England friendly match, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was about to score one of the most beautiful goals in football. PSG match win with Brest, Ibra was extremely acrobatic in a case where a type akrobacion itself was very close to score a goal. However Ibra score a goal in the match, but not so beautiful what can he score often.

Gago as Roberto Carlos, assault with

Brazilian soccer team Gremio, Leo Gago has scored a fantastic goal for his team. Gago scored a goal similar to the famous goal Roberto Carlos final match against France. Gagos kick took efe which gave no chance guest keeper to stop it.

Sergio Araujo new barca talent

Barcelona has found one of the best talents in the world, this talent be seen as a substitute of Messi and comes also from Argentina, there are many in this age class and is out of reach.