Keeper with a perfect striker skills

Practice back-to-the-goal situations. Strikers will regularly have their back to an opponent's goal, waiting for passes from their team. An important technique for strikers is to be able to quickly look behind them, spot the openings between opponents, receive the ball, control it and then pivot and shoot. This skill sets strikers apart. Grab four people to practice with. One goalkeeper, two defenders and one to deliver the ball. Have one defender mark you one on one. The other plays behind as a sweeper. The person serving you the ball should dribble laterally across the field. The rules are you can't look behind you directly until your player passes the ball. When this happens, quickly glance back, visualize the defender's positions (including the goalkeeper), receive the ball, pivot and shoot. Focus on the first touch. When close to an opponent's goal, a striker will be marked, especially when in the penalty box. When a striker receives a pass from his teammates, the first touch is critical. Defenders will be looking to clear the ball quickly. Using more than two touches will mean losing the ball. Aim to redirect the pass with the first touch and fire with the second. This means redirecting the ball to the sides, over the head or though the legs of an opponent and then immediately firing. Read more: Soccer Striker Training Tips |

Schweinsteiger with Audi R8

Bayern Munich has returned with a B-team to winning ways and moved in the gentle cycle in the second round of the DFB Cup. Three days after the first defeat of the season in the Premier League's record-handed cup winner against second division first FC Kaiserslautern a lackluster presentation to eventually 4-0 (1-0) victory. Claudio Pizarro made ​​it after the 1-2 against Bayer Leverkusen Bayern changed to nine positions after a nervous start (11th) with his second Pokaltor easier. Replacement captain Arjen Robben crafted the lead shortly after the break before 71,000 spectators in the sold-out arena soothing (49th), before again Pizarro drove the recent signs of renewed autumn depression (58). Kaiserslautern had now, the long mithielt to oppose anything. Robben increased just before the end of 4:0 (88).

The Show of Cristiano Ronaldo

Italian television celebrity "Mediaset" has used the fame of Cristiano Ronaldo in having him guest on the famous TV show "What to mail-I have a letter for you," which made ​​things interesting in the reconciliation of people nearby. Show Ronaldo was the aim of the union of a mother with her ​​daughter on the show Live, since they did not speak for a while. Ronaldo failed to do so by bringing the show lot of emotion inevitable. Ronaldo gave the mother and daughter of a mutual Xherdan as gifts. After mother and daughter ended up hugging while Ronaldo seemed very happy that succeeded it.

Leo Messi chip goal in Sevilla vs. BARCELONA

Scored goal against Sevilla last edition has been voted as the most beautiful goal of Lionel Messi. Having won the Gold Cup, the Spanish media opened the polls to vote which of his 50 goals was the best. 56% of the votes were for Messi goal against Sevilla score at week 28 Spanish Championship in the previous edition.

GoalKeeper EPIC FAIL

Romanian goalkeeper Robert Tufisi has also made a mistake by making his team Ramnicu Valcea suffered from Mioveni. Tufisi was the protagonist of a ridiculous error when a ball back from his bashkëlojtari failed strike by beating suddenly. This is the second time in this edition that Romanian keeper undergoes almost the same goal.

Mad chase for Arsenal

Valid for League Cup matches, Arsenal beat Readingun at Madejski Stadium with the result 7-5. Arsenal reached almost impossible to return the result of a disadvantage of the four goals. Four goals after njëshëm natives, he Jason Roberts (12 '), Wolfe Laurent Koscielny (18'), Mikele Leigertwood (20 ') and Noel Hunt (37'), made ​​virtually Arsenal seemed to have left out of the game. But extra minutes of the first half (45 '+2), Theo Walcott scored the first goal for the visitors, 4-1. In the 64th minute, Olivier GIROUD narrowed the lead (64 ') 4-2, Koscielny with his 89 minute goal made ​​even more dramatic end while TheoWalcott goal for 4-4 "put the lid" emotions. Continuations (103 '), Marouane Chamakh scored for 5-4 Pavel Pogrebnyak leveled 116-minute. Then marked Theo Walcott (120 '+1) and Marouane Chamakh (120' +3), defeat Readingun with the result 5-7.