Beats derby Sigal Prishtina - Trepca

Again violence in Kosovo sport. The violence has included the big derby between Kosovar Sigal Prishtina-Trepca this meeting was taking place tonight at the Palace of Youth and Sports in Pristina. By the third period, when the score was 34-35, the game goes pretty well, but in the last five minutes of the third quarter some fans Prishtina ruining the image of the derby after departing to attack a small number of fans Mitrovica, but Sigal Prishtina fans did not spare jetty mitrovicasve. In this fight were they included some of the basketball of the two clubs, reports FED. After some consultation between the match delegate and judges as well as the leaders of the two clubs was decided that the match be stopped. It should be noted that throughout this match "lumpy" did not spare any moment insults addressed to mitrovicasve. This is a great shame for our sport at a time when we are seeking integration into the international arena.