Bayern München vs Borussia Dortmund 1-0 Tor Toni Kroos HD

Was like the entire offensive to see quite rare, which was also the fact that the defense of Bavaria was an increasingly important issue. Nevertheless had a very lucid moment when he Mats Hummels and Neven Subotic could lie with a solo right Holger Badstuber as the paramedics on a stretcher. And then scored the 1-0. Had shortly before the end almost more that achieves 2:1, which prevented Roman Weidenfeller. Was still the top candidate for Munich title of the evening.

Rafinha ownes Tamás Hajnal

Ribery Great Skills vs Dortmund

Again not a league win for Bayern against Dortmund! After four failures in series's was indeed a point for the record champions but the 1-1 draw with BVB Munich lost anyway. Holger Badstuber was injured probably hard, had to get on with suspected knee ligament. As the winner is the team of Jürgen Klopp could feel but not too. By the draw of the residue remains on the Bavarians at eleven points. The catch is an extremely difficult project. The particulars of the match: Bayern begins with Mandzukic in the storm (Gomez initially on the bench), and the geschonte against Freiburg Schweinsteiger is at it again. BVB return Hummels, Gundogan and idol. A lot of quality, but is once little highlights. The first 30-minute balance: An intense game, a lot of tactics, a new no-slip and thick gate-chance. Then the Bayern shock: Badstuber twists in single combat unhappy with Idol's knee. The national team has the support of the place - it looks difficult to torn ACL! For him comes Boateng (37). Shortly before the break, there is finally the first real goal: Reus marched into the box from the left and unleashes a hammer. New clears both hands to the corner (44th). Dortmund is more zest from the cabin: a smelter-Pass is not full (52), then Dante clears just before Idol was only caught Hummels. But then one can Kroos loos! 67th Minute: The national team can Hummels and Subotic lead nowhere and nailed the thing down and send the right. His 6th Hit this season! Bayern now breaks the Dortmund-curse? No! In one corner of Reus-idol stands alone, takes the ball calmly to the chest. Through the legs of Martinez his basement to the right on the bottom - 1:1 (74th)! Now it's a real big game! 85th Minute: Müller shoots narrowly beside the right post. Then comes Gomez and Kroos puts on almost 2:1. But this time his shot parried Weidenfeller. 88th Minute: Again rescues Weidenfeller, this time against Martinez. He no longer enough for Bayern to victory.

Robinho Amazing Miss - Catania vs AC Milan

Milan's Brazilian star Robinho was the protagonist of a fatal failure to Catanias. A nice action initiated by Nocerino, Robinho used missed a good opportunity goalie faced Catanias.Goditja Robinhos finish on the door, while striker could not believe what they lost.

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Denmark - Iran (2003) Fair Play

In the 2003 match between Denmark and Iran, Iranian player think the game was stopped and plans to return the ball into the opposing area affected before hand, but that hand touch punishes his team with a penalty awarded by refereefor opponents. We all knew that this was a wrong decision and the beauty of this fair play-all look at the penalty shots!