Barca buys "flea" brazilian, what talent

Barcelona thinks about her academy, shows finding this extraordinary talent brazilian. Barcelona has reached an agreement to purchase the 11-year-old Brazilian, Cassiano Bouzon. Bahias talent was said to be a time in Barcelona radar while katalonase squad has reportedly reached an agreement to purchase his reports to the IO. He in Brazil is called as "Flea" Brazilian, with a name called the best player in the world Lionel Messi. In the following video you can see high skills Bouzon talent.

Casillas was in Barcelona on Wednesday

Captain and Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas is seen in Barcelona the day after the Christmas holiday. According to Spanish media he was in the company of his girlfriend Sara Carboneros where he visited Barcelona club museum. Catalan media immediately raised the hypothesis of a possible transfer madrilenit at "Camp Nou" seeing bad reports recently with coach Jose Mourinho and the other staff members of "Los Blancos".   "Like the Catalans. Tribulation is coming from small your Argentinians who are constantly on goals marks, "he joked Casillas. Journalism has talked with taxi driver Casillas from the airport. "I asked him: Iker, will transfer to Barcelona? He replied: Right now nothing, "he told taxi driver for" El Mundo Deportivo ".

Sleeping fan misses Chicharito winner vs Newcastle

Manchester United fans are happy in their team's dramatic victory against Newcastelit the day after Christmas. Chicharito Hernandez seemly all the holidays in "Old Trafford", except a sleepy fan. Although Mexican scored a goal in extra time to win and induced delirium in the debates, it seems that this was not enough of a fan. Phenomenal appearance, nor six scoring before that Chicharitos, can not keep awake United's fan.