Cristiano Ronaldo cake

Two days ago talents from Macedonia Florian Beqiri the age of 13 years.

Mario Balotelli Amazing Free Kick Golazo

Balotelli Pope? There are those who believe ... in Gaming

Is a typical choice of those who worship bets everything on everything. Can happen because the majority are Protestant and take less seriously the Pope's choice. Of course, it is a strange feeling to see the list of contenders to succeed Benedict XVI names like Balotelli, Mourinho or Armstrong. Leaving aside desires ekstravagande, most favored name is Nigerian Catholic leader successor Francis Arinze, who can score first black pope in history. Quoted in figures 3.5. Inflated figures are those for the above mentioned sports figures: 1000 "> 1000 Mourinho-n, 2000"> 2000 SuperMario-n and 10,000 for former bicycle rider. Despite bastexhinjtë hope some minimal, almost negligible, showy American bicycle rider image depreciation compromised in recent years, following the discovery that he had used doping during wins 7 titles in Turin champions of France.

Mario Mandžukić Amazing Ovear Head Goal

CR7 can travel up to 2.63 m (Video)

Brazilian Ronaldo back in shape

Meanwhile, he has taken extreme. On Twitter, he posted a new photo that impressed. Ronaldo back in shape - if he keeps going he may look like his namesake soon Cristiano Ronaldo (28) Real Madrid. In October 2012, he took (German: "The right amount") on the Brazilian reality show "Medida Certa" part. The goal: 18 pounds in 12 weeks. More than ten million people watched each week. And Ronaldo made ​​it. By December, his waist reduced from 107 to 93 centimeters, the body fat percentage dropped from 25 to 18 percent. And Ronaldo went on. Not happy, but he kept going. "So I find it hard myself, I like that is not a vegetable," he says.

Diego Milito (Inter Milan) Horror Injury vs CFR Cluj

Inter Milan Argentine striker Diego Milito has suffered a serious injury to face the Romanian team Cluj. It was ten minutes of the match when Milito to try to get a ball in the protection of guests fell to the ground alerted players in the field. Players looked closely it comes to breakage while health staff reaguj with urgency in this case. Milito is reportedly immediately sent to surgery. According to information before, Milito will miss Inter at least 9 months.

Real Deep Impact Super Meteor makes huge Crater in Russia

Total were found in at least six cities in the region in the Urals about 1500 kilometers east of Moscow damage to buildings. The massive blast destroyed numerous roofs and smashed windows. Nuclear facilities in the area were not affected. Eyewitnesses of flashes, explosions and smoke clouds in the sky. Many thought, therefore, a plane had exploded in the sky. Many Russians were surprised how quickly it unusual images were of the phenomenon as well as from people who left panic building with shattered windows.