Thaci celebrates his son

A facebook is circulating a picture where you can see Prime Minister Hashim Thaci son Endrit. Description of the picture that is being spread PDK branch pages on facebook, says the photo is taken during the New Year's celebration. Thaçi picture seen with a glass of brandy in his hand. Meanwhile, the prime minister's son, is seen to have slipped out the back a belt "Armani". Endrit, goes to private school "Mehmet Akif". He is the only child of Thaci.

Bet the student was 'undo' from Milan

A student from the UK spent an experience as unique as it is bitter when not escape from their hands full 1 million pounds because that Barcelona team suffered 2-0 defeat at San Siro against Milan. As same surname Catalan defenders did not help 20-year-old boy Simon Pique become a millionaire even though he found the correct score of 7 matches of the Champions League, having failed precisely in the face of San Syros. Milan-Barcelona betrayed because his label he had provided for guests' 0-2 victory. Outcome his shot but not the winning team.