Neymar Amazing Goal + Bonus Trick

wow what a trick what a goal,this is not from this planet this is amazing

Here train Barcelona footballers

Probably a team-pleasing football. And their beautiful game makes Pasa numerous and accurate. But their Pasa not lacking even in training. In the video below see how they make accurate and quick passes.

Turkish flag provoke the Serbs of Kosovo

Turkish fans have reconfirmed their support and love for Kosovo. International basketball match between Besiktasit and Partizan, held in Istanbul over the weekend, the Turkish club's fans have unveiled a Kosovo flag, which has outraged Serbs. The immediate reaction was Serbian media, according to which, the next was to provoke the Turks, who, by the Serbs, if they have problems with them. "One might have thought that the colors carry Paphos, which holds Besiktasi, would not suffer harassment Serbian team in Istanbul, but bardhezinjtë received a very hostile atmosphere by about 6 thousand fervent fans leaving suspected supporters of Turkey's champion Serbian teams problems, "writes website Serbian Meanwhile, in the gym 'Abdi Ipekçi' was attended by dozens of Serbian fans, who were two Serbian flags. Turkish fans have tried to remove these flags from them, but the immediate reaction was the police who prevented the purpose of the Turks. This was not the first time that Turkish clubs make such reception for Serbian teams. In the past, Turkish fans had called 'Kosovo, Kosovo', then 'the KLA, KLA', when faced with the Serbian team, confirming support for Kosovo and hatred they feel toward the Serbs.

Flowing blood, Ronaldo played

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has once again shown his commitment to the team. Ronaldo had suffered an injury in the match with Celta Vigo, who followed in his leg, flowing blood, and there was pain, but he continued to play the whole game. Ronaldo's injury was worried about Mourinho and fans who saw his leg, but that the by CR7 medical staff is ready for the next game with Dortmund.

Borussia fans vs Schalke fans

These are images that shock every true fan.
Anarchists who rioted in front derby between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04, police attacked - and hurt! "We have killed in many places around the stadium riot," said a police spokeswoman. There were fights and vandalism.
Many visiting fans were "arrived conspiratorially," police reported. "They had only one goal: to incite riot," a spokeswoman said after the game.
An initial assessment: Several injured, including eight policemen! More than 200 rioters were detained.
Among other things, police said a restaurant near the stadium was demolished by Dortmund attackers. The fans would have destroyed the furniture and worn on the street, "to put it to use as missiles against opposing fans and police officers," it said in a press release. An emergency vehicle was damaged.
"That's not what we imagine. Both clubs have issued a statement in advance, we hope that the rivalry will be played on the pitch. That's not nice and not to accept, "said Schalke manager Horst Heldt:" Maybe we will be at some point that we have emotions just by chants and cheers. "
The officers were able to bring the situation only with the massive use of pepper spray, horses and dogs under control. Also water cannon drove on.

Abate swipe Balotelli (VIDEO)

Is it possible, Barcelona with 12 player faced DEPORTIVOS

9 goals and full stock is super balance match held Saturday evening at Estadio Municipal de Riazor mesDeportivo La Corunas and Barcelona, matches kuBarcelona scored a victory with the result 4-5.
3-minute began duel goals. Jordi Alba scored first for Barcelona and a few minutes later (8 '), Tello doubled the lead. In minute 18, Messi took the lead to 3-0.
In the 26th minute, the referee booked with penalty Barcelona and Pizzi converted penalty goal. Second goal local came from Alex Bergantinos (37 '), which recorded the error due to the keeper Valdes.
Last goal of the first part was he muntës 43, where Leo Messi scored the fourth goal for the Blaugrana, 4-2.