Pepe a team player Real Madrid went out of control in a match where as a result the victim was an opponent player, Pepe, with all the nerves that had tried to seduce you this player and shot with what mundte.Si result of this he received a punishment sufficientlyhard by the Spanish football federation and this moment will not and can not ever forgotten by fans after footage was really bad and rare.

Stars have not won the Golden Ball

Did you know that the Golden Ball Award or the Adidas Golden Ball Award as it’s now known almost means the world to a football player? Well, it does. Players fight it out for their countries at the biggest stage of them all, and the player who contributes most to the success of his country is honored with the ‘Golden Ball Award. The 2006 Golden Ball Award was presented to France’s star footballer Zinedine Zidane for his addictive on field performances, the ‘head butt that made headlines’ notwithstanding. The player who receives the award is selected by a high-profile committee comprising top FIFA officials and respected media persons. This is how the whole process of zeroing in on a Golden Ball ‘recipient’ gets on track – A short-list of ten exceptional players is put together by a FIFA technical committee. The names of the players are nominated to the list. This list is then presented to media representatives who may mostly have a great insight into everything that goes into making football the game that it is. The representatives then decide on the player who is the most worthy of getting the Adidas Golden Ball Award and then go on to decide on the players are worthy of the ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ balls.

Mini ronaldinho from Denmmark

"Mini Ronaldinho" recorded at a danish sport camp, wow he is good.... football is not about doing fancy skills and stuff, football is a team sport. you can do skills all you want, but if you cant read the game and if you only think about doing stepovers and ronaldo-chops and stuff. you are getting nowhere. and there is ONLY ONE LEGENDINHO!.

Arena, no problem with Slovenia

"Drainage that area is so perfect and you will see that immediately after the game said everything. Workers have entered and have repaired almost all defects that were in the area and is now working with the roller. I believe that the field will be so excellent, "says Viron Bezhani, chairman of the Board of JSC stadium" Qemal Stafa ". The match with Slovenia could possibly be the last that the Albanian national team will play in the national stadium Qemal Stafa once thought that after this challenge will begin construction of the new stadium, which should be ready for the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Albania.

Ronaldinho,Messi and Pirlo

Lionel Messi has revealed scored from the free kick goal against Uruguay last night copying Andrea Pirlo as a few years ago the Brazilian, Ronaldinhio had scored a goal against Werder Bremen in the Champions League. Three times winner of the Ballon d'conducted twice in Argentina's victory with the score of 3-0 while the latter scored from the free kick under the protective wall opposing players. "I saw the keeper declined to come forward and I noticed that the wall was ready to jump," explained Messi. "Last week walked Pirlo marking zhagas. I had doubts, but my attempt and went well, "he said. Pirlo scored equally free kick in Juventus victory against Siena 2-1 last week.

Tevez, 'shame' of modern football (Video)

Carlos Tevez represents the negative side of football. So thinks Olympique Marseille midfielder Joey Barton who langoi criticism towards Manchester City striker.
"It's a mercenary. As I am not angels but Tevez is something else, "said Barton in an interview with The Times.
"He went on strike for six months at the club, he returned to Argentina to play golf in anticipation of a transfer. If this is not the worst representation in modern football, I do not know what is, "said Barton, who was bumping Tevezin and other City players on the final lap of last season in the Premier League Man City match QPR.

Penalty better than Panenka (Nigeria 3 5 France)

So do not expect penalltia.Nje match has ended in a draw and thus supposed to continue with the penalty but see how bad goalkeeper failed before a football team which has shot to the ball and was very easy to stop but look how badly failed and terperuafront of thousands of viewers. Hopefully not occurred to anyone that bad ....

Xavi: Messi, the best of all time

Lionel Messi dhe Xavi Hernandez, Foto: Getty ImagesMaster Blaugrana midfield, Xavi Hernandez has labeled Lionel Messi as the best of all time who played football.
Spanish player's reaction comes after Jose Mourinho statements that "if Messi is the best on earth, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the universe."
"In the dressing room, Leo Messi is probably appear as an extraordinary person. Number one. For me, he is the best of all time and has passed all ".
"He is the best so far and his game is much more important than Cristianos" Xavi told Catalunya Radio.

Rooney will be England's next captain

Wayne Rooney, Foto: Getty ImagesManchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, will inherit the bar after England captain Steven Gerrard retirement - has announced coach Roy Hodgson.
26-year-old was captain of the Three Lions for the first time (due to the suspension of Gerrard) in the 5-0 victory against San Marino and scored two goals in that match.
Hodgson selector was asked by reporters whether Rooney will be captain in the future, and he replied: "Yes. It is something that is very proud of and something you want to do. He is playing for England in a very serious and it is good for us. "

Guardiola interested in Milan

Pep Guardiola (Foto: Reuters)Agent Pep Guardiola says his conversion in Milan can happen.
Barcelona coach is being mentioned as a substitute Masimilliano Allegri leading Rossoneri chair, a step which does not deny his agent."Absolutely not true that Pep has refused Milan. I often talked with Milan and can assure you that Guardiola has not rejected it. "

"Pep just wants to enjoy this year and be away from football. For it is always Sunday. ""Guardiola Milan? Everything is possible in the future. Never say never, but now is not the right time, "said Jose Maria Orobitg Tuttomercatoweb.

The game with Ronaldo and Ballon d'Or - repentance Del Pieros

Alessandro Del Piero, Foto: Getty ImagesSydney FC striker Alessandro Del Piero has admitted that he wanted to play alongside Brazilian legend Ronaldo during his career.
"Not at all. I have no remorse. However (I regret it) whenever I lost-finals of the Champions League (1997, 1998 and 2003) went wrong, but also the European Championship in 2000 (loss in the final). I was hoping (Ballon d'Or) in 1996 after I won the Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup (World Cup for clubs). ""I played with the best in 20 years of football. It would be fun to see what would happen if you play with Ronaldo, "said 37-year-old to Gazzetta dello Sport.

Although it has suffered two defeats with the new club, Del Piero managed to score a goal for debut in the second game for the Australian team, what his specialty - cheap shot.