Did you know that ... no contest called Champions League

German media are having to write material for this edition of the Champions League. Reaching the final of the two German teams and the elimination in the semifinals of the Barcelona Real Madrid led the German media to elevate excessively German football. They Champions League logo have changed making the German flag. But not only that, the German media have already changed the name of the Champions League. For it is no longer called the Champions League, but "German League".

Still touchdown, again Hamdi Salihi

Albanian striker Hamdi Salihi scored in the Champions League match between Sendai and Asia Jiangus. Striker shkoadran pull the winning goal for the Chinese team. Jiangsu won with score 1 to 2, while just Salihi goal was decisive. Salihi goal in the video below you can see in the video to 1:30 minutes.

Franck Ribery Gives his Jersey to Fan when security reject him out

Frank Ribery made ​​a great gesture at the end of the match Barcelona-Bayern Munich. French star is inserted among the security staff to give a fan his jersey. Fan entered the field after the game by pointing Ribery but security prevented it. French star stripped to award jersey to forgive him.

Villanovas statement shows why not play Messi

Tito Vilanova said after the game that Lionel Messi had any serious injury but that he felt good before the match. Vilanova said after the game with Bilbao, Messi was never totally prepared. "Messi after the game with Bilbao not ever tell aggregate. He tell us holding out regularly but it does not feel ready for the game. There is no serious injury, but he has minor problems. Messi was not the moment to get into this match, because I do not believe that would yield maximum assistance "said Vilanova.