Jose Mourinho meets famous artist al pacino

Real Madrid on tour in the U.S. and as part of it, the team visited the city of Philadelphia. There, the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho took the opportunity to meet in person to one of his idols: Al Pacino.   Madrid coach recognized as soon as he approached the legendary actor fame give him one of the most important film, "Scarface", and asked him to take a picture and an autograph.   After the respective greetings, Al Pacino had kind words to Mourinho to recognize the work he has been doing in front of Real Madrid with whom he won the Spanish League title and yesterday thrashed AC Milan 5-1 in a friendly American land preparation.

George Boyd - 'The White Pele'

Hunting is not fly but the dynamic is identical: deeply ball near midfield circle and he sends without thinking twice towards the opposing goal keeper who came out surprised. George Boyd, 27-year-old footballer Peterbrough United, Championship team in England, marks a supergol from midfield, which resembles that which marked the first few weeks in the match against Chievo Palermo captain, Fabrizio MICCOLI. S fans remember Peterbrough has labeled Scottish football player nicknamed "The White Pele".

Blandi Fevziu and Joachum Low

In fact it seems that the introduction of water Blendi has no connection with any record, as in the image it is seen that they are practicing underwater diving, while in this interesting sport including his only daughter. Fevziu seems to have more passion Sea after photos of the weekend we have seen that he has started the beach soon, although his occupation with the "Opinion" are very tight.

Gabriel Muniz Enaroma Dribble Messi Between the legs

The Brazilian Miracle Enaroma, Gabriel Muniz met the Barca squad and had a chance to dribble Lionel Messi. Gabriel with no feet kicked the ball between the legs of Messi and showed some skills with the ball in the air. The Brazilian boy who was born without feet to a genetic malformation has occurred Wednesday at the Sports City and got pictures with all the players of the first team of FC Barcelona, ​​where he was received with great affection and admiration. HD. Months ago, this guy had the pleasure of testing in the club and now managed to meet 'The Flea'. In addition to the campus was also the entire computer, while I had been in the Champions League duel on the stage with the president Sandro Rosell. Both Gabriel and Messi promised to meet again in two years in the World Cup Brazil 2014.

Luan Krasniqi badly beaten family members to

ROTTWEIL: Who had thought that prominent Kosovo boxer Luan Krasniqi, ever going to use his fists to Families. The truth is that he has fallen in conflict with his brothers because of family property. The date was May 6 of this year, when Luan Krasniqi go to visit his mother, who was admitted to hospital to undergo surgery. Just a few minutes before the mother to enter the operating room, where other family members were present, arrived Luan Krasniqi. Mother immediately after surgery Hall, between brothers and family started a quarrel between them. Personnel of the hospital informed that Leo has hit one of the brothers punched in the head while his nephew was also punched by Leo. The whole group has ceased grushtuari, but this mess continue further before hospital. Witnesses in the case have informed the police who arrived with 4 cars at the scene. Both sides of the family are separated from police rrafuri. Police explained that the nephew and brother Leo had filed before the Court, but after a few months, this suit is pulled back by the court explained that there was a peace agreement between the families. Apparently this arrangement has not been maintained as it says tradition. Court along with his nephew lion brother have filed charges again and seek reparations for punches Lion 1200 and 2000 Euro for the brother's nephew. Lion refuses to pay the money and the Court refuses to have hit them both, while the personnel at the hospital explains that there were fisticuffs by Leo. Leo's brother's lawyer and his son explains Luan Krasniqi is in serious conflict with his brother because of Immovable Property in Kosovo or even in Germany. Both sides have accused each other of carrying weapons at home and rsatit day Leo had weapons with them, which led the court to send the police to control both houses for weapons. Court, namely z Court prosecutor. Frank Grundke explained that both sides have withdrawn lawsuits, but that still counts through a civil Minutes and not the state. Mr. Lion brother's lawyer. Bernhard Mußgnug from Tuttlingen clearly explains that Lion has to pay compensation for punches and he does not intend to stop, even to the highest instance courts. Now as it seems this civil process will continue for months, where the court will decide whether invited witnesses who were present from the family and those who belonged to the personnel of the hospital. Based on the information received by the Court, witnesses and hospital advocacy second party, requested information by fellow Lion Kransiqit in Kosovo. According to information received, Luan Krasniqi there are few people who view him as a righteous man, but just as a person with a broken image to his family.

Drogba vs Vidic in Champions League Final 2008 (Video)