Japanaese, the new Messi

It is the talent of Barcelona, Japan's, Takefusa Kubo who with his games for Barcelona youth is showing that it is the successor of the best player in the world Leo Messi. Japan's first in the history of Barcelona, ​​has managed to scored 21 goals in 6 matches before for young people Barcelonës.Rekordin the Japanese had not reached any talent Barcelonës.Kubo born on July 4, 2001, logariteti as a greatest hopes or Leo Messi second team.

Marcelo owns Cristiano Ronaldo , Mesut Özil and Gonzalo Higuain

routine as could be. Madrid had not played particularly well, and Cristiano Ronaldo had not looked particularly delighted after scoring two of Real's goals, but neither of those two things were particularly novel. Cristiano Ronaldo said he was 'sad' at Madrid Even before the final whistle went, most observers had already turned their focus to Barcelona's home game against Valencia, when reports started to emerge from the Bernabeu mixed zone that a proper big story was breaking: Ronaldo was not happy, and wanted everyone to know. "I am sad, and the people at the club know it, that is why I did not celebrate the goals," he haltingly but clearly told the assembled reporters about half an hour after the game. "There are professional issues. I cannot say any more. We will see what happens."

Lionel Messi score 2 goals