Meet 15 years after ear bite

Two former world famous boxers Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield met after more than 15 years since the famous moment when Tyson bite Holyfield ear ring. Two famous American boxers are seen together in a promotion of a food product in America. At the first meeting they are tightly embraced forgotten the incident of 15 years ago. “I bite Evander, but I love it. It is an important part of my career “told Tyson after meeting. It was in 1997 when a major showdown in boxing, Mike Tyson had bitten Evander wear Holyfieldit.

C.Ronaldo destroys his Ferrari (VIDEO)

Mesut Ozil leads a very normal

In this photo displayed great football player Mesut Ozil, Real Madrid club player who lives with his family in the normal way possible … Millions of euros not stop him to live with his relatives living conditions, asappear and the image …

Messi new conflict with Tello

Lionel Messi was not unhappy with his bashkëlojtarin, Tello talent to match with Granada. Best player in the world, known for his joegoizmin in the field, like that others do so. A few months after he was not disappointed with David Villa, Messi match with Granada was not nervous with Tello. There were two occasions when Tello did not follow him coveting dribloj ball hit you in the other case. Messi made ​​with sign must adhere showing that he was alone.

Pepe vs Rayo Vallecona gesture without comment

Real Madrid defender Pepe center, returned to the old crafts obscene gestures to opposing players. This time he broke down Rayo striker Vallecanos, Chori Dominguezin. Spanish daily AS has published a photograph captured by the cameras of the game where it is clear that Pepe has trodden under foot the Argentine striker. It happened half an hour after the start of the match, when both players fighting for the ball. During the time that Dominguez was lying, Pepe tread it down in the back. This angered Rayos attacker who later returned with an elbow blow.

Here burns car lover

Behold though as the car burns girlfriend made ​​a gift for Saint Valentin