Dynamo Kiev vs Porto Fans running around the stadion

Porto team managed to get 1 point in the trip to Dinamo Kiev in the Champions League challenge. But their assistance in extra minutes into the game, became a fan of this team who risked enter guest terrain to prevent an action vendase.Tifozi team in the role of a defender was carried out in the area of 16 metershi prevent the action of the natives. He was later picked up by security on the field, while Porto managed to hold the result until the end.

Messi is very nervous because David Villa

Say that Pepe plays dirty football, check out this woman! (VIDEO)

Taison Fanastic Volley Goal - Metalist vs Rosenborg (3-1) - 11-08-2012

See what happens when you stop currents during a match in the Champions League (Video)

Nike Football: Cristiano Ronaldo: CR7 Collection

Two players of Real Madrid at the same time Portugal national team have been the protagonist of several musical parts on new advertising NIKES. In a very good atmosphere and nice two close friends of Real Madrid prove yourself in the music, but most commentators have been against these two to continue with music after having problems with intonation. One commenter to the official site of NIKES writes: "I love you too, are the best players on the planet but please hold on to what profession you". Whether they know how to sing can see in the video.

Claudio Pizarro, Dante & Rafinha - Samba Dancing

Against completely overwhelmed Frenchman from Lille, FC Bayern played in a frenzy, and celebrated a historic shooting. Never led a team in the history of the Champions League already at halftime 5-0. Of Lille, last year champion of France nevertheless still had not the slightest chance, was totally outclassed. Bayern without mercy. A challenge to Europe! For the press was Bayern "steamroller" ("Brand") and "Tornado" ("Gazzetta dello Sport"). French newspapers had to fremdschämen but also for the appearance of Lille. "Embarrassing to the end," writes, for example, "L 'Equipe ". All Press click through.

Not stop the tears, that defeated Barcelona! (Photo)

Actress was 'crazy' after Neymar

Actress who are 'çmedet' after Neymar. He is most famous footballer in Brazil, which has made ​​them more fans and especially women. Very talented in the field, but very active abroad, Brazilian Santos Neymar looks from day to day to increase the number of fans recently tij.Së is rumored that he can leave Santos, while his fans make every thing to attract attention. Thus, the Brazilian model and actress known, Juliana Paes, observing carefully and team player game where it is activated. Very pleased with what Neymar makes the playing field, Beauty has decided to appear in photos with her ​​team jersey heart and give a message talented Brazilian.