Barcelona seeks 7-year-old Albanian

It appears a few times but it qëBarcelona began to seek a replacement for Messi, it seems it has found among Albanians. Ilir Sherifi, 7 years, has already been the target of Barcelona and soon is expected to be part of her school. Illyria family two weeks ago has received an offer from Barcelona agents who have followed for a while 7-year-old who currently lives in Hamburg, Germany. Ilir Sherifi born on 24.05.2005 in Hamburg, is the son of Remzi Sheriff Brodec village of Tetovo. It was only 4 years old when he began the first exercise Mümmelmannsberger Sportverein, although sports clubs received no child below 6 years. A little later he began training at the club of St Paul, where it is currently located. Check out some images from the game Ilir Sheriff ....:

Lionel Messi tailoring

Star, which is maddening world, Lionel Messi, has been working with Albanians. Furthermore, the Argentine is officially worn by Kosovo Albanian, Muhammad Hasani. Muki, otherwise known as, is a tailor and works itaiane firm 'Ermenegild Zehna'. He lives in Barcelona since 2000, life kursegjysma has gone on the curve. Kosovo issued in 1989. "In this work firm since 1995, 7 years I worked in England, and since 2000 in Barcelona. I tailor working in Pristina, "said Hassan newspaper 'Sport'. 45-year-old during his work has had a lot of visitors, but clients' special 'has Lionel Messi, whom he' learned 'how to dress for the ceremony of receiving the award, Ballon d'Or 2010'. "Before he went to Zurich to take the Golden Ball in 2010, he was at our firm, along with his father, brothers and other people. Came to select the clothes which will wear in the event. Initially asked me to make a proposal. He said veshte shirt white, black floor, and blue tie, since the latter would suit the colors of his country, Argentina. He gladly accepted. Those clothes he sent to Switzerland and then put in the ceremony, "says Muki.

Casillas: I asked Pepe what he wanted to say

Iker Casillas has spoken today after the training session with Real Madrid for his team's current situation. Casillas said he is working maximally to gain the trust of his coach and Real gate porters. "I'm good, I feel good and I'm working maximally to gain the position where I want to play again., I'm not a machine, but I'm doing my job," said Casillas. Asked about Pepes statement of Portuguese are violated in La Liga, Casillas said he discussed this with his bashkëlojtarin. "I asked Pepe what he wanted to say with this. He did not say specifically for the Portuguese Real but they in La Liga" concluded Casillas.

The trick of the cameraman, hit the Internet

In a league match of Oman a cameraman was "game player" doing a trick on the pitch who failed to do as the players on the field. A kameramn hit a fantastic way a ball in Jer captivated all, ni though it was not in sports. The video has become online hit being followed in different media.

Maldivian Goal Keeper scores a goal

Semi match from the cup of Maldives, golgeter goalkeeper Imran Mohamed scored unprecedented goal. Mohamed brought his team's final placement in what marked his goal from 16 metershi. "I'm surprised, in the first moment not just believed that punch. Was a great honor for me that was proclaimed hero of the game," said Mohamed after the meeting.

IPhone 6 Any breaks Technological Frontier

One of the new projects for the launch of the iPhone 6 has to do with a smartphone, which comes with transparent screen with a his next feature will also be elasticities. So can perthyehet and can be retrieved again in the original form. An Apple idea seems to grab user attention again around the world, but is this really news or just a fabrication? This we know that soon.