Lionel Messi tailoring

Star, which is maddening world, Lionel Messi, has been working with Albanians. Furthermore, the Argentine is officially worn by Kosovo Albanian, Muhammad Hasani. Muki, otherwise known as, is a tailor and works itaiane firm 'Ermenegild Zehna'. He lives in Barcelona since 2000, life kursegjysma has gone on the curve. Kosovo issued in 1989. "In this work firm since 1995, 7 years I worked in England, and since 2000 in Barcelona. I tailor working in Pristina, "said Hassan newspaper 'Sport'. 45-year-old during his work has had a lot of visitors, but clients' special 'has Lionel Messi, whom he' learned 'how to dress for the ceremony of receiving the award, Ballon d'Or 2010'. "Before he went to Zurich to take the Golden Ball in 2010, he was at our firm, along with his father, brothers and other people. Came to select the clothes which will wear in the event. Initially asked me to make a proposal. He said veshte shirt white, black floor, and blue tie, since the latter would suit the colors of his country, Argentina. He gladly accepted. Those clothes he sent to Switzerland and then put in the ceremony, "says Muki.