Drogba simulate a penallty

Didier Dorgba has shown that it knows how to simulate still. Fantastic striker from Ivory Coast was known in some cases to his simulations. Drogba fanel├źn Galatasaray became the tragic figure of the match Gencerberligin Galatasaray loss. Drogba won a penalty with a pure simulation but failed to score. Guilty to failing, Drogba i'a la bad terrain where he was "revenge".

On 13 April starts the new Mercedes CLA

On 13 April starts the new Mercedes CLA - the first Mercedes saloon with front wheel drive. Previously as unthinkable as the resignation of the Pope. And limousine? Well, a mix of coupe and sedan. In any case, very classy. How the two compare candidates that has AUTO BILD brought to the first meeting on the open road: Audi A3 Sportback and VW CC. When you get to fall on the first differences. The VW CC stretches much longer with 4.80 meters and ducks flatter than the Mercedes, which when boarding requires a deeper bow. Inside the VW feels dizzy to even get back and knee significantly more luggage space. To the quiet, economical TDI, the balanced suspension, little wind noise and a soft responsive steering, which in turns requires ausholendes cranks. Where the VW remains discreetly, the Mercedes chooses likes the grand gesture. Thicker central star for overtaking enormous, fashionable beads in the flank. Its interior looks fresher, sportier than the CC. Show the effect on the coupe attracts unfortunately the narrow rear and poor visibility. All the more enjoy the long haul, grade front seats. Mercedes donated the CLA a newly tuned suspension with resiliently decoupled rear axle. So the coupe coarsest waves swallowed in the usual Mercedes-style. The 170-hp CDI plays the robust nature boy. Along with the direct steering, he teases out the sporty side of the coupe, while the standard dual clutch transmission, the hustle and bustle when changing gears sometimes exaggerates. Steep price: 37 991 EUR.

Distinguishes blind boy touch Barca stars

Barcelona yesterday received a special guy team. Blind boy named Mamadou was given the opportunity to meet the Barcelona players. Mamadou even though you can not see them, he distinguished all with just a touch. Mamadou failed to recognize the touch Messi, Abidal Puyol and goalkeeper Pinto garble. Players finally separated T-shirts and signatures, and has signed a foundation money.

Robben: "I am longing to be overwhelmed by happiness"

Anyway: Two cups of Munich were there at the time. The championship trophy and the DFB Cup. 1017 days Trophy withdrawal in Munich! 1017 days without a title (except Super Cup)! How much one longs for such a long time finally again to touch a trophy and celebrate on the Town Hall balcony? BILD asked when superstar Arjen Robben (29). He says: "I ​​still remember how it feels to touch cups and trophies. The tingles, that's just unbelievable beautiful. At best, however, the moments immediately after the game on the field and in the booth. This redemption felt. On the balcony there is also very nice, but then you have to sleep on it is already clear in my head. " And: "Most of all I am longing overwhelmed on the lawn of the happiness to be.

This happens once every 100 years

The 32-year-old Klasnic from the English first division club Bolton Wanderers has had a satisfactory season as little as Petric. Back in the spring of HSV had explained to submit his longtime attacker no new contract offer more. In the past season, the 31-year-old had only met seven times in the Bundesliga for the Hanseatic League.

Ronaldo: That which is my dream formation

Ronaldo phenomenon Asked by Fifa on the formation of the selected his dreams he has 11 players with the best in the world in their roles Ben impression that the "phenomenon" does not select any player from the Bundesliga or Serie A, but from the Spanish League and that English. Iker Casillas - Goalkeeper Real Madrid - La Liga Spain - Euro 2012 Dani Alves - Right Barcelona - King's Cup Sergio Ramos-Defense Center Real Madrid - La Liga Spain - Euro 2012 John Terry - Chelsea Center Protection - FA Cup, Champions League Marcelo - Left Real Madrid - La Liga Xavi - Barcelona Centre Midfield - Copa Del Rey Spain - Euro 2012 Andres Iniesta - Barcelona Centre Midfield - King's Cup Spain - Euro 2012 Frank Lampard - Chelsea Centre Midfield - FA Cup, Champions League Cristiano Ronaldo - Sumlues Real Madrid - La Liga Lionel Messi - Barcelona attackers - King's Cup Neymar - Forward Santos - Recopa Sudamericana, Libertadores Cup, Paulista Championship