Robben: "I am longing to be overwhelmed by happiness"

Anyway: Two cups of Munich were there at the time. The championship trophy and the DFB Cup. 1017 days Trophy withdrawal in Munich! 1017 days without a title (except Super Cup)! How much one longs for such a long time finally again to touch a trophy and celebrate on the Town Hall balcony? BILD asked when superstar Arjen Robben (29). He says: "I ​​still remember how it feels to touch cups and trophies. The tingles, that's just unbelievable beautiful. At best, however, the moments immediately after the game on the field and in the booth. This redemption felt. On the balcony there is also very nice, but then you have to sleep on it is already clear in my head. " And: "Most of all I am longing overwhelmed on the lawn of the happiness to be.