On 13 April starts the new Mercedes CLA

On 13 April starts the new Mercedes CLA - the first Mercedes saloon with front wheel drive. Previously as unthinkable as the resignation of the Pope. And limousine? Well, a mix of coupe and sedan. In any case, very classy. How the two compare candidates that has AUTO BILD brought to the first meeting on the open road: Audi A3 Sportback and VW CC. When you get to fall on the first differences. The VW CC stretches much longer with 4.80 meters and ducks flatter than the Mercedes, which when boarding requires a deeper bow. Inside the VW feels dizzy to even get back and knee significantly more luggage space. To the quiet, economical TDI, the balanced suspension, little wind noise and a soft responsive steering, which in turns requires ausholendes cranks. Where the VW remains discreetly, the Mercedes chooses likes the grand gesture. Thicker central star for overtaking enormous, fashionable beads in the flank. Its interior looks fresher, sportier than the CC. Show the effect on the coupe attracts unfortunately the narrow rear and poor visibility. All the more enjoy the long haul, grade front seats. Mercedes donated the CLA a newly tuned suspension with resiliently decoupled rear axle. So the coupe coarsest waves swallowed in the usual Mercedes-style. The 170-hp CDI plays the robust nature boy. Along with the direct steering, he teases out the sporty side of the coupe, while the standard dual clutch transmission, the hustle and bustle when changing gears sometimes exaggerates. Steep price: 37 991 EUR.