Serbian Treneri faulon Norwegian hendbollisten

Many enjoy the game coach their teams, but often are frustrated with what they show on the ground. However, the Serbian representative selector in women's handball, Sasha Boskovic, however, has gone one step further, becoming part of the game. During the match the first turnover of the group F Handball European Championships being held in Belgrade, Boskovic twice picked the Norwegian Handball Jerum Suland, first singlet and later hand, which has wrought Scandinavia. In footage that appeared Wednesday in Norwegian television TV2, it is clear that the Serbian selection twice, until the ball was on the other side, swung norvegjezen. In a moment Suland address control table, but officials had not seen anything. "They said they have not seen anything. This is not fair playlist, it is unsportsmanlike behavior, "said selector Norway, Torir Hergeirson. Norwegian Federation plans to appeal to the EHF.

Penallty remembered

The best match of 2012

Switzerland takes us a talent

Albanian representative will lose a great talent of European football. Footballer who is shining this year in Serie A with the Turin team, Migjen Basha is quite near the Swiss representative. Basha had long warned the Albanian national team to perform procedures that he put fanelën red and black, but the Federation seems to be asleep thellë.Nuk have denied interest in De Biasi Basha put fanelën of Albania but officials Swiss federation have worked hard to bring the Albanian midfielder. Even in the derby against Juventus in the stadium were also assistants Swiss coach Otmar Hitzfeld to follow closely Basha. Basha has Albanian and Swiss passport but that he wanted to follow his procedure to play in the Albanian national team. This is because he was not to directly place after previously playing for the national U17 and U21, Switzerland. Basha is expected to be the seventh player Albanian Swiss fanelën ears.

Nuri Sahin what a gesture

The game between the billionaire club Anzhi and Liverpool have won the home side with a 1-0. Without Nuri Sahin and Steven Gerrard, the English remained lackluster. The goal for Anzhi Traore scored (44th). Brendan Rodgers had already been long established before the match against Anzhi his squad. Sun Nuri Sahin, Steven Gerrard had also brought Reina stay at home. He would like to join the rotation, the young players are used. But the shot went violently backward. The game took the home side. Especially the strong Etoo considered substitute keeper Jones. But this parried all the shots with flying colors. But in the 44th Minute he was powerless against Lacina Traore. The Ivorians played from the defense and lobbed the ball over Jones in goal. In the second half, Liverpool pressed for the equalizer but, but Anzhi did not miss anything. With seven points and a game ahead Anzhi is in first place of Group A.

Is this black cat cause of injury to Messi!!!

They believe in ancient theories can relate Messi injury which preceded the injury. Few minutes before Messi was expected to enter the field in the game against Benfica, the field suddenly crossed a black cat which probably could have brought the fate of black behind it.

Adelina and Lorik Cana

Adelina Tahiri Albanian singer is perfoulur more than it is about the football player of the Albanian legend Lorke Cana, said that these two are together again, here Adelina is in a concert for the independence of Albania.

Chelsea physio Eva Carneiro

Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel is caught incidentally in a situation of (un) enviable match against West Eat. While physiotherapists Chelsea so-called doctor sex Eva Carneiro ndërhytne on an injury to Gary Cahill, Mikel had approached his head in a delicate place. At the end of the video you can see how Obi Mikel had investigated something better than his sports socks regulation, focusing dika viewing another.