Messi extended until 2018

As the team reported on its website, Messi will sign the new contract on Thursday at the club office. Currently, the 25-year-old with the Argentine national team, on Wednesday denied a friendly match against Sweden in Solina. After his return, the signature will be placed under the new contract. The association binds its top striker to 30 June 2018. Since 2000, Messi is the Catalans, where he went through the youth academy of the club. Recently extended to the leaders of the Primera Division contracts with the former "La Masia" - graduates, captain Carles Puyol and Xavi, by the end of June 2016.

Ronaldinho - Sombrero Skill vs Cruzeiro

Ronaldinho, who his days as a 'veteran' is going to play in his native Brazil team Atletico Mineiro, still delights in football. In fact, twice the top scorer in the world (2004 and 2005), in Saturday's duel against Cruzeiros, turnover seen in the new season, made a move that has long since have not seen him. He tricked an opponent with the 'sombrero', confirming that there are still old skills. But it did not take much for the same opponent sent off the field.

This is a Chinese national who made the "ball" football

Dan Tan is the name of aziatikut started first trukimet in European and world football. Dan Tan is involved in fixing 680 matches in the world, with 380 of them are in Europe, notify Indeksonline. Dan Tan said that the first in Europe has landed in Slovenia where he started this business. Later he traveled to Germany and Hungary. Dan Tan has used different ways to trukim where in most cases paid players, judges and officials for trukime teams. Dan Tan has talked UEFA and FIFA on 17 and 18 January, where the topic was his extradition, something that has allowed this country as it has no extradition treaty with the European Union.

I have 18 years, marked by 35 m Stroke 135km (VIDEO)

Funny Cristiano Ronaldo arrival and some Portugal fan shouts Messi, Messi

Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo arrived last in collecting first team match against Ecuador on Wednesday evening. But, shortly after his arrival in the hotel where I stayed the Portuguese team, Real Madrid star had to hear provocative calls "Messi, Messi". Ronaldo is learned to be bullied by fans of opposing teams constantly call on the name of his greatest rival, Lionel Messi. But this never happened before in his native Portugal. However, football has ignored the incident. "Play in representative ten years and will not allow an isolated incident destroy this. For me it is an honor to represent my country, "said Ronaldo.

Gennaro Gattuso Gangnam Style

Hiti who conquered the whole world has apparently made ​​themselves difficult types such as former footballer of Milan, Gennaro Gattuso. In a video published on the internet just kampoioni the world in Germany 2006 is seen as he dances to the rhythm of "Gangnam Style".

See the video to find out who is Pepe

Tito Vilanova has responded to allegations Pepes that Barcelona players turned a blind eye as children with their simulations. Vilanova said that Pepe does not discuss much, since it is sufficient to see a video of it to see who it is. "Pepe? We all know who he is. Suffice it to look at a video to understand who is Pepe "Vilanova said.