Balotelli Pope? There are those who believe ... in Gaming

Is a typical choice of those who worship bets everything on everything. Can happen because the majority are Protestant and take less seriously the Pope's choice. Of course, it is a strange feeling to see the list of contenders to succeed Benedict XVI names like Balotelli, Mourinho or Armstrong. Leaving aside desires ekstravagande, most favored name is Nigerian Catholic leader successor Francis Arinze, who can score first black pope in history. Quoted in figures 3.5. Inflated figures are those for the above mentioned sports figures: 1000 "> 1000 Mourinho-n, 2000"> 2000 SuperMario-n and 10,000 for former bicycle rider. Despite bastexhinjtë hope some minimal, almost negligible, showy American bicycle rider image depreciation compromised in recent years, following the discovery that he had used doping during wins 7 titles in Turin champions of France.