Balotelli formally tomorrow in Milan?

Mario Balotelli back to Italy. Former Inter striker two seasons at Manchester City ends adventure on the island to start a new career with Milan. British media consider only a matter of agreement between the two clubs procedures that are believed to have found the language of pëbashkët at the base of 24 million Euros to be paid in several installments. "The Sun" ensures that some of the companions of the team have welcomed Italian bomberin, while adding that very soon with Milan AKP joined by Kaka. Meanwhile, the new contract the player of African descent provides as valid for June 2017 with 5 million per season. "The Sun" adds Super-Mario hosted a farewell party at his home in Manchester, where he communicated the guests leave Milan destination. Balotelli was purchased by the City in 2010 where it is activated 53 games with 20 goals scored. After semi Euro 2012 against Germany where shgënoi two goals of the blue, his career has seen only dishezë because the constant conflicts with Italian coach Roberto Mancini.