Italian journalist offends Lorik Cane

Italian journalist Furio Focolari has made a fierce attack against Lazio midfielder, a Kosovan Lorik Cana, announces Friday "". Focolari called Cane inappropriate for the level of Serie A and said Lazio coach Vladimir Petkovic is mistaken that is taking into consideration the captain of the national team of Albania. "Lazio coach made ​​a serious mistake when he went 4-4-2 formation against Turin, putting players in the wrong position. In my opinion, should play Brocchi or Radu and do Cana. He should not play, "said Focolari, which did not leave without attacking the Igli Igli Tare transferred Cane. "If Cana plays in Serie A, can I do this. I have said many times that Tare is the best sports director in circulation, as did some extraordinary stroke in Merkato as Klose, Luliq, Hernanes Candreva. However, Cane has made a mistake. " Cana in the summer of 2011 was transferred to Lazio from Galatasaray team.