Oscar Amazing Goal 40 m Chelsea vs Shakhtar Donetsk

Chelsea has achieved an important victory before his fans in the match against tough rival, Shakhtar Donstek. The meeting held at Stamford Bridge ended with a 3-2 result. Champions found that goal in min (6 ') with striker Fernando Torres after a neglect goalie, but he did in the other Ukrainian team reacts immediately and equalizes the score in min (9') with the Brazilian William. It was again an uncontrolled exit from goalkeeper Shaktarit pay with Ukrainian guests touchdown with Brazilian talent Oscar Score beautiful paraboll min (40 ') and the predominance of Chelsea ended the first part. Start the second half was again brazilian William equalize The result in 2-2 min (47 ') Chelsea's victory came at the last minute when he scored a goal with head striker Moses. In another match of this group Juventus destroy Nordjellandin by beating convincing result 4-0. Marchiso scored the first goal in min (6 '), while Arturo Vidal after 20 minutes exactly min (23') doubled the lead. To end a perfect first part took care Giovinco striker who scored for 3-0 min (37 '). Qualiarella striker set advantage at 4-0 min (75 ').